Friday, March 9, 2012


AND here's my 3 sisters,
Elisa is my real blood sister which is younger than me and also my favorite subject for photos when i'm at home (beside my kittycat)
Giulia is my liftime sister, we've been knowing each other since we were really young and she's like my more feminine doll-like counterpart.
Chelsea i met when i lived in the USA 4 years ago, and she moved her ass to Rome sometime after that.. we just are on the same wavelength (do you actually say that in English too?)
anyways all of them are necessary for my mental sanity and i love them to death.

Here's just some pics i took of them, some are really old so i beg your pardon for the bad quality ahah




now's time for some less serious ones ahahah

me & Chels totally tipsy on a random day and at the Misfits' concert:

some really really OLD ass pics of me and Giulia:

and here's MHA SIS!

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