Saturday, January 19, 2013

Countess Bathory

Hey there weirdos! this time i'm actually about to go o bed, but kinda of felt like sharing with you a couple of things first, even tho imma do that pretty quick and concise to be honest ahah.
well first off, i wanted to thank you, i know my blog isn't followed by many people, but that's totally not what is important, doesn't matter if you're a billion or few, you are people anyways, is the single that matters. And so i felt like thanking you, even tho it is rare for ya to leave me a message, i know anyways you like reading what's going on on here, and i actually had really positive feedback and... i dunno.. warmness (do you even say that in english ahah)  from you, which kinda of made my days more positive. 
Ok, that was enough (or too much?) on the Teddy-bear side for me ahahah so i guess you should really let those words sparkle cuz it's hard to get them from me ahahah
second thing... i don't even remember ahahah well i'll jut get a rest, as tomorrow i'm gonna be all-day-shooting at some sort of dancing-theater-show,.. i don't know, not really my thing, but it's work :) .. and since i'm planning on going to London pretty soon (maybe for the Misfits' tour?!?!)  i might actually need to save money first!!! Imma leave you with a pretty bad and speed retouched photo of me when i'm on the shooting backstage ahahah my assistant took it while the model was changing clothes ahahah not the prettiest i've ever been for sure!...whatever :P


ps. somebody even noticed that the titles of my posts are 99% of the time referred to something horror - spooky - grotesque, you smarty pants! ahah yeah you're right btw, i like a lot all things referred to macabre and grotesque, specially myths legends and any sort of weird stories, even true facts at times. (much more than just horror movies huh?! :P ) .. i should say i find this kind of imagery really fascinating.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Hola! I know, i've gone for a while, i told you my best friend came to visit, so i spent with her every free second my busy life gave me, and it's also why i haven't posted here in a while, did you miss me?! ahahahah
well i for sure have missed her, and can't believe she's in London again, i haven't had enough! now waiting until may since we're going to the Neurotic Deathfest together and is gonna be FUN! I guess i'll just entertain you with some pics of the last week(s) and maybe next time you'll have some backstage sneak peeks of my actual projects :D
Cheers everyone. 

ps. must also say that i've been pretty bad at drinking last week so possibly those are not the most classy pictures you'll find of me ahahah

classy lady headbanging with my 2 girls 

AHAHAHAH this one is precious, drunken musical  death metal excitement 

Mastino on the drums!

...many beers later on an other night.. luv mha babe! (bad hair and face day)

hey, hi Francè! (bad hair and face day pt.2) 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013! wHellcome to the Monster Party!

I know this comes a little late but i haven't had time to make this post before ahahah sorreeeeeee!
well i guess i'm just gonna shuffle in here some pics of my New Year's Eve to get you into the mood of it ahahah
Gotta say that i don't personally like those kinda situation where you "have to have fun", you know what i mean, when you almost feel obligated to have some sort of fun and this makes pressure on you. That's also the feeling of some of my friends, and that' why we decided to spend the night at my little medieval house in the mountains (with fire place and everything needed) .. and we had so much fun! ahaha i love this kinda situations :D So, here's some pics! I was wearing my brand new Black Milk - St.Peter's Cross skirt!

There are actually MANY OTHERS that i don't quite feel like sharing right away ahahahahahah
goodnight weirdos! :D 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Howling at the moon

well, yes i know i should be doing stuff,.. but also know i need a break as my brain is melting through my ears right now ahahah
so, i think i might just share with you a picture of my MUA for the last shooting i did, i think she looks so pretty.. and those curves... whoa! pretty positive you can enjoy as well, even tho it was an improvised shot meanwhile the model was changing clothes ahahah

well now i should really get down to business here, also cuz i'm pretty tired and hope to finish soon tonight so i can sleep a little :) Oh! i also have to make the post with New Year's eve pictures ahahahahah oh well...
have some nice evening guys! Cheers 

Neurotic Deathfest 2013!!!

so this is where i'm going on may!!!!!!! cjzhjksxoschajsklxòpcoivuhbadsxgzyui! that was my excitement expressed in typing ahahahahahahah
for now, the set list of those 3 awesome days includes:

so uhm, yes, it seems a pretty good starting ahahahah even tho to be hones the only thing i really care A LOT is seeing motherfucking CARCASS playing! hell yeah! ahahahah

and even more exciting is the fact that my best friend, my boyfriend, and in general a great group of friends are all going there, staying in the same hotel, spending the whole festival's days together ahahahah i can't wait, i'm so excited!!! too bad it's not gonna come up till may!

And an other awesome thing is that tomorrow my best friend is coming visit!!!!!! hellmotherfuckingyeah!!!!ahahahah ok now gotta go to work as i  have like tons of stuff done and i'm way way way far behind with everything, it's a mess... hope i'll get outta this alive! :)