Thursday, August 30, 2012

go eat... shit

i just posted this on tumblr and felt so much like sharing on here as well:

"you know what, if you keep telling, to a perfectly sane and healthy person, things like “go eat a sandwich!” or “you’re too thin” or, on the other side, “you should loose some weight” or “go build some muscles to burn all that fat ” you DO OFFEND HER. in a way, or in the other, you’re just not accepting that person the way she/he is, even tho she is just perfectly NORMAL. every person is different one from the other in shape, height, weight, appearance.. and nobody shouldn’t torment theirselves over someone else’s idea of healthy/beauty. when you state something like that, even with a superficial tone and not really caring about what you’re saying, you could actually be pushing that person on the direction of a eating disorder, in order to fit your ideas. do not underestimate the importance of your sentences on an insecure mind, there are already the media playing that role in people’s lives, nobody needs you to do the same."

i just got the "go eat somethen" advice non-requested.i know, my arms look ridiculously skinny and fragile and i don't even like it, that's also why i'm starting gym sessions, BUT you can't just assume i do not eat and say stuff like that. it makes me angry that it is because o those people that a lot of other girls/guys start starving or stuffing themselves. fuck that. i could understand some "quit smoking" advice (which anyways would be not requested as well) but at least would be for my future health. bha i'm sick of this stuff everywhere.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

come out

ok here's the comeout of 2 hours of hairwork ahahha i'm pretty happy about it even tho i ended up choosing a red that is a bit darker than the last time, but it think it looks better in the overall look.
i feel like a weird Dinsey princess kinda with all those waves and curls at the ends ahahah oh and i know you can't really tell from this webcam picture, and i promise you to put a better one on later ;) now gotta go get a coffee with a friend of mine :) later everyone ;*

all time no time

the hair i'm getting again tomorrow!

hey there!!! Just updating really quickly my blog before going to get some deserved sleep.
So i went to get my GYM membership today and... HOLY FREAK! i swear to god THOR was there! like that one from the movie...well maybe not exactly him, but they looked so alike it got me unprepared ahahah he's not even my favorite actor or character.. but seeing this guy that totally looked like him just threw me off ahahah i would have probably gone there like"hey, hi Thor, whatcchadoin over here? is your planet doing good= and how's your brother?" kinda thing ahahah maybe i should have done that. Beside that i'm going to start working out from september 1st which is in 2 days :D can't wait to get my body fit and toned up! yey! Oh and tomorrow i'm also gonna go cut and dye my air again (they got kinda brown with blondish-reddish tips over the summer) and i'm doing the same thing i did last time cuz i loved so much, i think it might be my signature hairdo for a while :D ... oh also seeing a good friend of mine tomorrow i haven't seen in forever! soooo excited! and going to my man's practice afterwards  oooohh and talked to my best friend in the USA tonight so i'm pretty happy about that too :) can't wait to see her again! YES! ..overall i feel pretty positive of this new year ahead of me, since last year has been a bit of a mess :/ ..o at least i know tomorrow's gonna be a good day :D ahahahah alright this should have been a quick post but just turned into a life update + whatever crosses my mind ahahah ttyl eveyone ;D 

swear to god he looked like him! ahahahah

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vanity is a mark of humility rather than of pride.

new entries!!! yeyeyeyeyeyeyeeeeeeeeee ahahahah i dunno when material things started making me so happy, but they actually do a little bit :) so.. my shoes actually arrived after 3 months and crappy postal service! then some make up from e.l.f. (that i actually find just awesome!) aaand a pair of shoes i bought in Budapest :D .. i have some bags, purses and clutch that are new too, but just don't feel like taking pictures right now eheheh lazy marta is lazy.
gotta get back to work now since i'm soooo far behind it's not even fun. byesbyes :) 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

shoes wishlist

hes been a while i've done my last wishlist, and i forgot how much fun it is to do almost makes you feel like you actually bought the item ahah. I'm having postal service problems lately so i spent all morning trying to fix this, and beeing at the phone with the italian postal services.. and i can finally say that they just suck! it's not only me but apparently half the packages in the whole italian ground are lost for good. blah! i also noticed that a lot of ebay sellers do not even send their items to italy anymore! this is starting to suck balls. ah. ah. for now, here's my current shoes wishlist, even tho some of em are missing :) Cheers

ps. i'm likin this vignette so much..i really feel close to what it says.

Monday, August 20, 2012

summer roaming pt.2½

teaching my boyfriend some photography basics :) 
so sad to drive back home :( no more vacation

since my university stuff isn't going into gear at all yet, i'm just messing around with pictures and summer memories for now. I know i should not but... whaa... who needs more stuff to work on when you're already busy? right?

well i wanted to type so many things but my busy-over working mind doesn't let me put everything in line making me not able to write down everything.
i'm also worried because my e.l.f. package should be here on the 24th but i wont be home for it!i'm leaving in a couple of days to go to my mother's birthday :) gonna be out for 4 days, then back to work :/ blhaaaaaaaaaaaaa! anyone willing to make this project for me???

Szent Istvàn bazilika in Budpest

Tropea - south Italy

summer roaming pt.2

just a quick post with some other pics from this summer :) first two are from Budapest and the third one's from Calabria (south Italy). i know i haven't posted a lot on here lately, this is because i'm supposed to study for my architecture's exams and i'm spending the totality of the time trying in doing that, and not succeeding, and getting frustrated over it. If anyone does know some method to relieve stress and turn up creativity pleas let me know! i'm in desperate need of finding a great idea for the museum project i'm supposed to conceive! argh! it just feels like my brain doesn't really care about all the effort and time i'm wasting on this, and doesn't help at all. just to think of something else, i have so many new things to show you, and i'm still waiting my Foxy Spike shoes to show off! grrrrr! they had to send them to me again cuz it's pretty obvious the first package got lost somewhere. Oh and my sister just got back from her vacation as well, gotta tell ya, for as much as i love her, can't fucking stand her attitude while i'm trying to get shit done!!! ahah sorry for the little "venting post" i got here, wasn't really planning on that :) enjoy the pics :D Cheers

Saturday, August 11, 2012

summer raming pt.1½

this is gotta be a really super quick and super fast post so i'm just going to put up a couple of pics from my vacation still and tomorrow ill make a complete structured post i promise ( ahahah yeah right, like if i am good about it instead of blabbing all the time ) cheers!!!
my man took this one, not too bad!he's getting better at it ahah

randomness on the streets of Tropea, really poetic though

my uncle's kitten Achilles has been with us for a while this summer

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

summer roaming pt.1

wicked sweets in Budapest! can't recall the name

me and Pacio looking down to Budapest

our room 

on of the streets around our appartment

on the seaside of Tropea (south Italy)

bad day for swimming :'( boohoooo

more pics from this summer coming soon :) 

ps. all pics belong to me if you wish to use any of them please credit and notice me,thanks!


so i just completely updated my tumblr which i think it looks more elegant this way! hope you guys agree with me on that. I would love to have feedback on that but i know all of you are pretty lazy when it comes down to write comments ahaha
anyway, here's hat it looks like right now, and later today i'll be uploading some more pics from my vacation for sure :) 'later everyone

Monday, August 6, 2012

Back! ( black)

Good morning Budapest!  

Hey there! i just got back from my hungarian trip and... I LOVE BUDAPEST!It's such a cool city!Everyone is friendly and polite, lots of teens, guys and girls and everything, it looks so alive!And even if we were staying right in the city center the prices of everything were still pretty cheap compared to italian ones (unless you go into the super touristic places, where the stuff still good but much higher prices), and BEER IS SO GOOD.. i believe the one i loved is called Borsodi if i go right, and it's actually a local beer kinda of cheap but i just loved it. PinaColadas were good as well eheheheheh yup me and my man got a little something to drink while there ahahahahahah. As for the food... so much FRIED stuff!!! good as hell fried stuff (which is totally different from crappy one that make you sick) dude, i ate so much fried food i could explode, i think i might not eat french fries for a while now ahahah but it was totally worth it! God i saw so many awesome things i can't actually think of all of them right now, and will totally make a post later when they'll pop up. I got to shoot so much stuff with my baby-camera but haven't had the time to adjust them yet, will do asap! meanwhile there are a couple of photos i already uploaded and some others shoot with my man's cellphone so not as good but still fun. 'later! Cheers

devil's taxi..always there when needed ahah

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I don't think people actually understand how thinking of superficial things can in fact be really relieving for a deep restless mind.