Sunday, July 29, 2012

random from the trip

Some "cold pasta" with tomatoes, mozzarella and olives,
and a "steak burger" at 9 in the moring ahahah loving the road trip!

apparently my boyfriend is not so good in taking pictures ahah

just some random and pretty crappy pictures from the trip me and my man just had. there are totally more artistic one i will post once i get the time to fix them on my computer! :)
hope you enjoy these random ones meanwhile ahah
oh and that's wha i was wearing at my boyfriend's birthday, i have also one of us together that's a little better ;)
gonna go read some Palahniuk to relax right now

summer time (and the livin's easy)

Tropea - Calabria - South Italy
photo by me

yeah, i know i disappeared for a while, but i am totally justified, as this is where i've spent last week. Not bad huh?! like total relax with my boyfriend on the seaside ... hell yeahhh. I have so many pictures but no time to upload them now since i'm doing my laundry and everything cuz i'll be FLYING OFF TO BUDAPEST in 2 days! yayyyyy! never been there, and i'm soooo curious to see the city, everyone i spoke to told me it is beautiful!!! Is anyone of you from there, or have any suggestion on what to see/do/have to go to/can't miss over there??? i have read some stuff on the internet but knowing it directly it's totally different i'm sure. and i'll bring my camera with me to Budapest as well so i'll have even more pics to show you once i get back! yay! right now the only bad thing is that i'm missing all my friends, cuz summertime is kinda of hard to find everyone in town...oh well, i'll catch up with that later, i'm sure.
if i got time i'll upload some pics later on, promise ;) i hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! CHEERS!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

million miles away

My friend Aku getting her arm covered :D 
My friend's recording studio entrance ahah

An other friend of mine, tattoo artist Welt

A random picture i took of Giulia in a very special park in Rome

Alright everyone, i'm leavin my house in like 5 minutes, so really do not have much time to update on here, i'll just leave you with some pics from my life last week.. i know they're all pretty random ahahah i'll see you in a week weirdos ;D hope for me there's gonna be some nice weather on the seaside since apparently it has to rain a while :/
the good thing is that i'll be full of pics to show you when i get back! hell yeah vacation! byebyebye

Friday, July 20, 2012

almost there

Gomez and Morticia 

ok so this is me and my boyfriend... ahahah i wish! i got so much into an "Addams Family" mood this week! i just love them, like i always had, but i actually started watching the episodes from 1964 ahah so sweet!
beside that my shoes and purse haven't arrived yet :/ they're sending me an other package since probably the first one got lost! it sucks! This week also some friends from Florida came here, tattoo artists Aaron and Nick, and Aaron's girlfriend (suicide girl) Kristen, can't wait to see the pics that came out from the other night ahah.. gotta go pack my stuff now, i'll write back later before leaving :D cheers eveyone

Thursday, July 12, 2012

silly stuff and horrific faces.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok, somebody just posted on facebook the ugliest picture of myself ahahah it's freaking hilarious! i'm like all drunken and stuff, my hair was puffy as fuck because of the humidity and i have the DARKEST skin tone..i don't know! that's not even my skin color! i love dark skin usually but NOT on myself i look so stupid ahahahahah sorry but i'm not confident enough to post it on here :P 
i will post some retarded pic i took this morning with the webcam tho! gotta go now, i just found out that a huge KIKO store just opened around here and HAVE to go there!!! like now!!! ahahaha

ahahahahah me getting the "model look" with the fan ahahah then realizing how ridiculous it was ahahah

Sunday, July 8, 2012

i hope you die

Friday, July 6, 2012

train in vain

ahah well today i was supposed to do a shit ton of stuff and rush to my university...but i got up way too late and my friend didn't answer her phone so i just ended up not going. now i was all dressed and ready to go, so why not just take a couple of pics instead? ahah alright my make up today was really discreet compared to my everyday look, cuz i basically did it in 5 minutes as i was late,...but the light on my balcony was just so perfect, it called for a picture!yep only natural light on this one!
by the way the weather is getting so hot here it's barely standable, that's why i wasn't really upset about not leaving my house today ahah god, i'm probably just not used to it, but it's seriously way too hot for Rome.. i wish i was on the beach right now!
oh and if you were wandering that' my new skeleton-flower tank, i'm in love, it's so airy it's just perfect right now!(i think it's Pull&Bear.. don't feel like checking right now ahahah)
oh well, now icecream time! might upload something else later.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

i'm so not good in using this camera, it's ridic

few more photos from yesterday :)
i'm sorry those are sooo crappy quality pics but i did not have MY camera with me eheh
next time i'll have something better to post for sure!
And i know i did end up not posting those pics of my with Obituary and Brujeria, but i kinda guess nobody would really care ahahah whatevs :P
Cheers everyone, gotta get ready for the concert!

big time!

one of the skulls at Yama Tattoo Studio

Hell yeah! yesterday my man got a little more tattooed at my friend's studio ( that guy is a freaking genius of the tattoo art! ) and ...ooh the drawing is so sweet! i'll post pictures later for sure.. now it's me wanting a brand new tattoo!!! god i want it so bad but can't get it at least for a little more! oh well i'll just get it at some point, actually i have 2 tattoos i need to get.. oh well there'll be the right time i guess.
By the way the most exciting news was that my little sister just had her high school exam ( here's a big thing, like taking a diploma in the USA) !!!!! i'm so proud i might cry! ahahaha love her so much yup yup!
and tonight imma go to a concert of my friends Southern Drinkstruction they're so much fun on the stage! dunno if i'll have my camera, in case i'll just post pictures yay!
i might upload other photos later ;) 
cheers folks!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

new stuff

Ok, as i was telling you, here's some of my new stuff!
It's all new beside the Litas and the jewelry you see.. like that's what i wear on daily basis, i go through periods and i always wear the same jewelry stuff for moths till i decide it's over and just change it all. ahah

Oh and just to be clear this is not meant to be like an "outfit-fashion-blogger-kinda-post", i'm so not like those beautiful ladies all about fashion ahah it's just me showing some of the new stuff.
Actually the vest is from one of those beautiful ladies i just mentioned since i got it from Lua (LeHappy) , the Litas are not original JC, and the shorts are Pull&Bear; instead the skulls earrings are a gift from my boyfriend, the other one was just an arrow tip pendent my friend gave me and i made an earring out of it :) ,the cross i bought somewhere i don't remember and the other pendent is DIY
i'll post some more later probably, when i come back from the tattoo studio.



Monday, July 2, 2012


hi again folks! here's some stuff that came out today playing around on photoshop..i love doing that! just took an old picture of my boyfriend i randomly found into my computer and worked on it for few hours. awesome right?! it would be if i wasn't supposed to do my studies instead ahahah oh well... i think this is much better.
Oh i finally went shopping the other day!!!will upload some pics of the new stuff some other time even if nobody really cares, i just like doing that eheh
cheers eveyone!

old pages..

Hey there! i have so many things to show you, i don't even know where to start!
Alright, first of all i just did a research and found all the publications i had as a photographer, most of them are short articles about my expos related to the beginning of my "photographer career" with my photo-partner Chelsea.. I'm actually really attached to these articles cuz the remind me a good period of my life not too long ago, where everything was new and fascinating. The others are more of bands i did the promo shoots for and got published in Germany without me even knowing this ahah...

December (2011) issue of Metal Hammer in Germany

November (2011) issue of Legacy in Germany

Expo pictures on TATTOO ITALIA N° 26 (July 2011)

Review in ROCK HARD Italy (June 2010) :

Review in TATTOO ITALY (August 2010) :