Sunday, April 28, 2013

romics 2013 special spring edition pt.2/2

Ok so, i promised i was gonna make this second part happening and here we go! don't really have much to say about it, as i kinda explained you what this whole thing was about 2 posts ago, BUT from the mail i received i got the feeling you don't actually get how much of a nerd i am on those things ahahahahah so i decided to include a couple pics of part of my personal comics' shelf, just so you can actually get the idea that cool girls can also be geeks at times ahahahahah

Now back on the Romics expo shit, here are some random pics i picked from the billion we took over there! It was suh a nice day i wish i had more money to buy whatever the hell i wanted there! I didn't upload all the cosplay pics for you as i don't know how interested you'd be in seeing those, but i HAD and i repeat, I HAD to fucking put those two kids' cosplay just because they were fucking awesome!!!!! I loved them from the first second i saw them ahahahah motherfucking Brutal legend costumes everyone! Just a huge WIN! ahahah
i love how i fit in the picture looking just like an other character from the game, even not being dressed up ahahah    

And here you end up with some other random pics of that same day :)
on a side note NEXT WEEK IT'S NEUROTIC'S WEEK! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Ok i feel better now ahahahahahahah
oh and later today i'm gonna go see Iron Man 3 , hope it's as good as the other ones, i'll be really disapopinted if they don't fucking put some AC/DC on it or it's lacking of Black Sabbath references ahahah

oh i fucking loved my make up that day! pretty much over the top, but damn was sweet and surprisingly colored!  
Last thing: i'm planning on making an other post with drunken pics before leaving you for a week ;) just so you know, hope someone actually appreciates my effort in keeping this shit updated ahahahah
Cheers weirdos!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Midnight Hour

hello weirdos! yeah i know has been kind of a little while since i last updated this, and i still have to make the second part of that expo on comics post.. i know that, i'm just really busy, try be sympathetic! ahahah
oh well, just few updates on my life, just in case i forget things, i've been working and studying quite a lot this week, as from next week i'll be basically flying all over the places doing 5 billion different things so i had to keep up with my work first ( which i'm far behind with, no matter how much i do work on that bitch ), so these things include my sexy friend's birthday, some dinner with friends, few aperitif with tons of different people -which actually will start tomorrow- then i need to go see Lords of Slaem, and there was actually gonna be Rob Zombie himself presenting the movie, but apparently he can''t come anymore; theeeeeeeen let's seeeeee, oh yeah gotta see Vader and on an other night Dr.Gore and Necrodeath 's concerts... and then finally i go to FUCKING NEUROTIC DEATHFEST!!! Hell yeah, imma be around many good friends, see my bestie that i've been missing lately, watch some good ass bands and drink lots ahahahah classic good time. There are other things i'm planning as well, but can't really say until i get confirmation of that. OH guys! you made me really happy this month, i don't fucking know why i got so many views this time!!! Guess springs just turns everyone's sexyness up ahahaha
Well now i reaaaally need some sleep as if you don't know that, i've been going for a run in the morning in the passed two days, and tomorrow's gonna be my 3rd attempt to actually make a good timing ahahahah you really never know how much out of shape you are until you start doing something again! I'm so fucking sore you don't even know! sympathy on this one as well please ahahah
i'll catch up with this posts soon i promise ;) 'night weirdos!

in ordr there you get: first day of run - totally dead - few patches i still have to find the time to sew on that shit... is taking me forever; my own personalized hadpainted Kugashirt - oh you can bet you'll be seeing it sooner and in better quality - ; kinda of an horror themed monday morning i had; second day of run, felt like a fucking tiger ahah; my fucking boring university shit - i tell you no lies! - ; my problem with everything; and last jsu a regular day i didn't feel as shitty ;) 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

romics 2013 special spring edition pt.½

Me and Margherita :) 
Well well well, i love those things! Last sunday i just took some time off my studying/working schedule, to actually get to go to the special edition of Romics, which is about the comics and games convention, just like a heaven for nerds all over ahahah Being this a special edition ( the big one is usually on october ) there weren't many stands as usual, which can be good on one side, as usually is even really hard to walk due to the people and enormous cosplays, but on the other hand it's harder to find something you're looking for, having less possibilities. Anyways we had so much fun, and i even met some friends of mine ( like Margherita in the first picture and those two Jedi-Nerds in the other picture that i know from an online group ). I should also say that i spent all my spare money on comics so like, apparently, i haven't grown up at all in the passed 10 years ahahahahah whatever, can't really hide my nerdy part.
Oh i'm planning on making also an other post on this convention as soon as i have the pics of those cosplays adjusted, since here you'll see more pics of me, Giggi, Pacio and Vesna :)
cheers everyone!

Vesna being happy like a kid
me and two of my jedi followers
some sort of coca-cola power ranger shit ahahahah
AHAHAHAHAHAHA not really sure about this one either.. super/metalheads/heroes?!
chilling moment

This guy is genius, best cosplay ever ahahahaha for those of you that don't know what it's reffering to i'm just gonna link this video for ya ahahahahahahah
bye bye weirdos!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

the hour of the wolves

hallo fuckers! ( ahah don't take it personally ) This is just me right before a night of picture-taking at a concert, not really fashionable but, you know, when moving around with your camera, climbing shit and laying on the stage in different ways, you don't really want to wear skirts and in general really uncomfy stuff ahaha nor you want your new cute little sexy dress to just disgustingly being soaked in beer and mud ahahah
so, well, the first two are just 2 random pics of that night and i still have tons of them to work on photoshop.. so i better get down to work. Oh and tomorrow gonna go to the spring edition of the Romics probably ill take some pictures,.. or maybe not ahahah what's sure it's i'm gonna wear my beautiful black long dress, as i haven't had an occasion to do so up to now! you'll see you'll see :)
now back to work! byes

ps.  the most interesting people might be just a click away, you just have to dare and talk to them ;) ..i wish i had more time to do so.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Italian Horror Story Asylum

PH & PP: Mastergood - model / mua: Stacy Steelbones
Hey there! difficult time over here... beside that, this is the first comeout of that photoset i was telling you about! :D so excited, it was such a pain in the ass to get these shots done, as the abandoned asylum we went to it's basically even more ruined that i remembered and some abusive people just settled there pretending to be paid if you want to go around,.. the place is as creepy as i remembered even tho with the sunlight ( instead of the gruesome rain of the last time ) some of the usual goosebumps calmed down. The model (Stacy Steelbones) was stunning and pretty fun to work with as is not my usual subject to have pictures with, but you know i like to experience different stuff, or i get pretty bored ahahahah

Anyways i'll post the full set when i'll be done with the other works i'm far behind with ahahah damn i'm so bad at that!

Those are other pictures found on the internet of the same place, i find it really fascinating probably more because of all the stories that there are around it, more than for the real things that happened. It is not completely sure of what was it's original use, possibly a mental illness asylum and then an orphanage run by some nuns' religious order. For who-knows-what reasons, this majestic architecture was abandoned and even used in some old Italian movies as a hospice ( which is why some people think it was a hospice even tho it has never been ) ; year after year the vegetation took over the place along with dopers and unauthorized rave parties; then it was the time for black messes especially in the area of the old nuns' chapel in the heart of the compound, and you can still see many graffiti and signs on the walls as proofs ( trust me it's creepy as fuck ); then in the end it was the time for homeless people until the rogue in 2010 where somebody actually died in there. Since then the place has been just surrounded by weird stories ( which i actually believe are probably less scary than the reality of facts ) and whenever somebody went missing around there, the fault of it all was blamed on the asylum. So as far as i know this is the real story of the place itself and wanted to share with you, even tho it's hard to distinguish between reality and superstition when it comes to this particular things.. oh i just forgot to mention the creepy and obviously sick writes that are carved in the walls at the first floor.. but i guess it's enough for now, you should go and see it yourself, just watch out for the self proclaimed watchmen.

I hope i was able to pass on you even just 1/4 of my interest and sensations over this place, even tho writing that in english has been kind of tricky for me as i'm totally not used to write/speak this language so much, so be easy on me. ahah you know it reminded me a bit of American Horror Story Asylum, if i might say.. ha! see ya on the next post weirdos.

beside the first one - none of this pics are mine, they're all been found over the net.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Bad Moon Rising

I actually wanted to make a complete post today but... uh.. well... to be honest i got totally lost in playing a videogame ahahahah it doesn't happen often thank god, also because i only use the computer to play, and not many cool games are optimized to be used with the keyboard ahaha but when i find one i like it's really hard for me to get doing anything else i should ahaha
So i figured i shall talk to you about this some other time.
Those pictures were actually from 2 days ago as i was working at a concert but many of my friends were there so i ended up taking a couple of extra pictures (an some extra beers) ahah yep!
Now bed time, as today i got some lunch at the Easter Italian style which pretty much is: stuff yourself with plenty of delicious handmade food till you die. ahahahah and i pretty much am dead.. but should make more interesting posts pretty soon, have some new pics from a shooting i'm sure you'll love, and many other things on the line up ;) happy holidays everyone! 

red hair style it's pretty common apparently ahahah (davide and me)

random drunken faces ( matteo and graziella)