Thursday, April 4, 2013

Italian Horror Story Asylum

PH & PP: Mastergood - model / mua: Stacy Steelbones
Hey there! difficult time over here... beside that, this is the first comeout of that photoset i was telling you about! :D so excited, it was such a pain in the ass to get these shots done, as the abandoned asylum we went to it's basically even more ruined that i remembered and some abusive people just settled there pretending to be paid if you want to go around,.. the place is as creepy as i remembered even tho with the sunlight ( instead of the gruesome rain of the last time ) some of the usual goosebumps calmed down. The model (Stacy Steelbones) was stunning and pretty fun to work with as is not my usual subject to have pictures with, but you know i like to experience different stuff, or i get pretty bored ahahahah

Anyways i'll post the full set when i'll be done with the other works i'm far behind with ahahah damn i'm so bad at that!

Those are other pictures found on the internet of the same place, i find it really fascinating probably more because of all the stories that there are around it, more than for the real things that happened. It is not completely sure of what was it's original use, possibly a mental illness asylum and then an orphanage run by some nuns' religious order. For who-knows-what reasons, this majestic architecture was abandoned and even used in some old Italian movies as a hospice ( which is why some people think it was a hospice even tho it has never been ) ; year after year the vegetation took over the place along with dopers and unauthorized rave parties; then it was the time for black messes especially in the area of the old nuns' chapel in the heart of the compound, and you can still see many graffiti and signs on the walls as proofs ( trust me it's creepy as fuck ); then in the end it was the time for homeless people until the rogue in 2010 where somebody actually died in there. Since then the place has been just surrounded by weird stories ( which i actually believe are probably less scary than the reality of facts ) and whenever somebody went missing around there, the fault of it all was blamed on the asylum. So as far as i know this is the real story of the place itself and wanted to share with you, even tho it's hard to distinguish between reality and superstition when it comes to this particular things.. oh i just forgot to mention the creepy and obviously sick writes that are carved in the walls at the first floor.. but i guess it's enough for now, you should go and see it yourself, just watch out for the self proclaimed watchmen.

I hope i was able to pass on you even just 1/4 of my interest and sensations over this place, even tho writing that in english has been kind of tricky for me as i'm totally not used to write/speak this language so much, so be easy on me. ahah you know it reminded me a bit of American Horror Story Asylum, if i might say.. ha! see ya on the next post weirdos.

beside the first one - none of this pics are mine, they're all been found over the net.

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