Saturday, September 29, 2012

Madness is not a state of mind. Madness is a place. Let’s go there… Shall we?

alien-looking face - experimenting with vintage looks

ahahah ok, this picture of me is outrageously weird i know ahahah but i needed a subject to experiment these vintage look on and didn't have anyone available, so i figured i'd just do it by myself. Later i'm gonna go to the comics' expo here in Rome, those last years hasn't been as cool as it used to be, but still fun to see, plus i get in for free so it's even better, i might be taking my baby camera with me so you'll possibly see some pictures of it up here later on (if my back allowes me to do so) meanwhile i'd be curoius to know what you think of this pic :D eheh 

Friday, September 28, 2012

fun ain't pretty

well my exam didn't go well in the end :( but anyways, had so much fun when chelsea got visiting, and i'm totally looking forward to go vist her in London!!! just have to find a little money first, probably imma go as soon as my university gives me a little more breath. Meanwhile i'm organizing my first photoshop class as a teacher, hoping it will all go for the right way. Bham october's almost here, and is gonna be crazy i'm pretty sure, oh and lately i didn't post as much cuz i got totally stucked with my back and couldn't even get up my bed, after 3 days of medicines i can actually move now YAY! Here's some weird pics from the other day, i look horrible but they're still fun. too bad there is not even one where you see me with my beautiful  skeleton outfit ahah

Monday, September 24, 2012

ruins weekend

backstage of ADE's photoshoot with Chelsea

passed the whole week-end working and shooting pictures all in ruins, didn't enjoy as much the one i did for my university and actually the photoshoot was way more fun ahah. By the way so sad/happy my best friend's leaving today to move in London.. i shall go there soon as well, gonna try again to fit in for the Erasmus project (one thing they do at my uni, where you go in an other country to study for a year) and hopefully this time i'll get it :)  
I'm a little hangover right now and sooner or later there'll be pics of last night, for now here's a couple of the weekend :D cheers!

working on ancient ruins with Giulia

Friday, September 21, 2012

..and i want to paint it black

Today was CRAZY busy i really really really need some rest now ( and i even skipped my gym session!!! D: ) and since i was so supertired and everything i thought i'd give myself a tiny present.. tha dha!!! here it is! i finally bought a black matte lipstick! i'm in love with it, ater years of making it out of a mix of other lipsticks i actually own one now!!! ahahah it doesn't take much to get me excited as you can see. Oh and i totally had to try it on and eels supergodd, think i'm going to wear it tomorrow as well, it's my to-go look! by the way i dunno whatsup with all those super pinky/minty/liliac lips...ok i like the liliac one, but i still think than some dark bold lips are waaaay sexier.. and cooler. Well my boyfriend isn't really happy when i'm wearing these dark lips cuz they get messy really easily eheh. ok, time to go crush on my bed, FINALLY. And maybe tomorrow i'm meeting up with Chelsea, fuck yeah. 'night

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

starting to feel the halloween mood!!!

So, my good friend just brought to me my part of the package we shared the shipping costs of!!! yeyeyeyeyeyeye!!! i'm so happy to add these leggins to my "skeleton" part of the closet ahah! no time to write an entire blog entry  right now, since i'm supposed to be working on a semi-ruin building made in 1400 d.C. right now eheh, so i'm just gonna post one picture with my new leggins and maybe will do a more complete post later ;) 

Leggins are from GoJane

Oh! you ALL have to download this playlist i found out on tumblr to get in the right mood for next halloween (yeah i know there's still plenty of time, i just like being ahead of the times ahah) it's just ridiculously happy and fun to listen to!!! (i believe is from this guy
Cheers everyone!

ps. I feel like adding this directly from my tumblr: "since everyone just started asking me where did i get those skeleton pants i guess i might as well just start writing the brand of what i get under the pics on my blog... didn't really do that since now, cuz i didn't want to sound anything like those girls "fashion blogger".. i'm just "whatever stuff blogger" kinda person :) but yeah, i had to answer like 10 inbox about that, so i might as well just write it from now on."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

all stuff i love

ok, i'm back for the inspirational post, not really for the happy one, I've just been through one of the toughest week-ends of all time, a lot of pressure, sadness, crying and hysterical screaming going around here. SO, i better just post things that inspire me instead of thinking about that ;) actually, more than inspire, it's just a bunch f pictures/people/things/looks that i REALLY LIKE :) hope you like it as well!

whoa this ended up being a really really long post, looking at all those images made my mood cheer up a little eheh