Saturday, March 31, 2012

busy busy bee!

sunny day with one of my bestfriends! she looks so pretty!

And FINALLY my Litas arrived! yessssssss! ahah can't wait to wear them all around everywhere!cool stuff y'all!
So, i'm sorry don't have time to post here as much (as if someone would be interested in it ahah) but my life is going on a crazy speed lately, i've been just rolling with it and trying to keep up with everything but i must say it is not properly working ahah...oh well i'll try my best.
But at least the good season came out and it's starting to get warmer (thank god!) ..even tho at night still pretty chilly and need my leather jacket with me.

a friend of mine just graduated at my university! yay!

Monday, March 26, 2012

from the UK with love

so my friend just got back from her trip to scotland, and she brought back some more pictures of our British journey, some of which are pretty funny ahaahah

(please notice that the pics on this post are both from Chelsea Graham and myself)

me dealing with ancient ruins!
on the Necrobus for the Ghost Bus Tours

my everyday jewelry

the stones again!

and here's a not really fashion drunken looking piccha ahahah that partly explains why i didn't take enough pics of the trip ahahah
really gotta go now, hope you liked it at least 1% as much as i did ahah


Friday, March 23, 2012


 Just got back from my week end in London and.... i freaking love that place!!! wish i could stay there way longer than i did, and i wish this every year i go over there!obviously i spent all my money beeing the drunkass i am and buying a shit ton of unneeded stuff ahahah well i guess that's also the fun part so, i'm just gonna leave it as it is.
I'm waiting for my friend to get back from her trip to Hindenburg cuz she has big part of thepics we took on's just a quick one of us 3 to Stonehenge!
That place enchants me!
Oh and my shoes and t-shirt aren't arrived yet... hope they didn't get lost!

Miss.Akuma, Me and Chelsea  summoning ancient evils at Stonehenge ahahah

Thursday, March 15, 2012


here's an immediate pic i just took with my webcam, there will be better ones later on...but just needed to show you my new hair color is black on to and red on the tips..hope you like it cuz i LOVE it! <3

it's actually way more red than it shows! yay


ok, just few quick lines before i head to bed...tomorrow's gonna be big day...
dying my hair in the morning (so say byebye to my messy redhead-orange colored hair!), then university all day and the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!... it is magic i already went once... if you don't know what i'm talking about should totally check their website, it's something beyond any imaginary ...

i'll post some more stuff tomorrow and let you know how it went! yay

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Give it a Smile

a quick shot of my sister i took time ago

Well apparently didn't get a chance so, i'm just gonna dye it tomorrow...
I must say I'm missing my friends lately, the one in America as well as the ones here that i don't get the chance to see that often, my life being this crazy busy tornado.
Oh well, hopefully i'll make for it at some point!

I've just been planning my super quick London trip lately, since we're basically spending only 2 days in the city...and we have so much stuff to do!First of all Chelsea needs to go to Stonehenge apparently, while i need to get on Camden Town and the Necrobus tour! ahahah...wandering if we get enough time for the London Dungeon too. i'll be back with tons of pictures from this trip, like it or not!

It's time to get dressed and go out to university! byes!

ps. i'm in love with he Misfits if you didn't know that! ah-ha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


it feels like this week is gonna be a waiting week...
waiting for my JC Litas to come in the mailbox...same thing with the Khan-Dee shirt, waiting for the flu to go away and to my throat to get back to normality.
Waiting for my camera to get fixed and to go to London on the weekend with my girls...
it sucks i'm not good at this waiting game ahah
if i get the chance i'll go dye my hair later today, i'll post pictures if i do ;)
meanwhile here's a lazy webcam pic i took right about now 

will post more later i promise

Saturday, March 10, 2012


i have to say, today has been possibly the WORSE day of the new year so far...and it's not even  4 pm!!!

here's what i was wearing this morning to go take an exam at my University (yes on Saturday morning!) and beside my hair flowing all over the places, and my visible tired face i think it looked pretty professional ahah

Friday, March 9, 2012


AND here's my 3 sisters,
Elisa is my real blood sister which is younger than me and also my favorite subject for photos when i'm at home (beside my kittycat)
Giulia is my liftime sister, we've been knowing each other since we were really young and she's like my more feminine doll-like counterpart.
Chelsea i met when i lived in the USA 4 years ago, and she moved her ass to Rome sometime after that.. we just are on the same wavelength (do you actually say that in English too?)
anyways all of them are necessary for my mental sanity and i love them to death.

Here's just some pics i took of them, some are really old so i beg your pardon for the bad quality ahah




now's time for some less serious ones ahahah

me & Chels totally tipsy on a random day and at the Misfits' concert:

some really really OLD ass pics of me and Giulia:

and here's MHA SIS!


OK, i think i'm gonna show you my life little by little, but here's a good starting point:

I LOVE photography.

actually i love to photograph more than to be photographed that's why you might find here more pictures of others than of me, but'll i'll do my best to keep myself in the matter too i promise ahah

Here's a Tough One

Has been so many years since i last had a blog that starting a new one it's almost overwhelming.
I'm just gonna keep it simple, posting pictures of my life, outfits, concerts and thoughts that randomly would cross my mind.
And... yes i'm a pretty tough metalhead ahahah which doesn't mean i don't like beautiful things.
I think i already said too much for a first post, you'll get to know me better later on.

ps. i apologize for my bad English but haven't spoken it in 4 years.