Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On how cool can life be sometimes...


Terrance Hobbs from Suffocation 
John Gallagher from Dying Fetus 

Kerry King from Slayer 
 Here's the famous post i was planning on doing, just to keep my blog updated with my life ahahah. So, I really do hope y'all know those people in the pictures above, in case you don't lemme just introduce you to some fucking badass metal heroes out there! And yes, the weird lady on their side is me. Kinda sad the pic with the King is such a bad one ahahah but, oh well, couldn't have even hooped in a better one ever, it was already good luck to actually have it! ahah
You know, life lately has been busy, like, almost the totality of the people I care about are going trough important changes in their lives, both positive ones than harder ones, and I'm trying my best to be by their side in anyway possible. Which is making me fall a little behind with my studies, but that's an other story ahahah. In the meantime I've got more shows and great events to go to than i thought possible of, and I've met so many awesome people that actually i'm starting to think this world shouldn't be completely burned down ahahah.

me at the "110 years of  Freedom" the Harley Davidson Fest!

here with Throne of Molok from south Italy after their show

ahahahah best pic of me ever taken at the Vulvectomy show! motherfucking SLAM!
Some fun things happening through the last period included the Harley Davidson Fest, i mean, big bikes, big guys, beers, music and leather... can't ask for much more! ahahahah Too bad the picture is kinda really shitty, oh anyways beside a couple of more recent random pics here's few pics from the Slayer concert. ( I can't thank my best friend and her man enough for the awesome bday presents tickets they give me every fucking year ahah ). Now, honestly hasn't been the most perfect concert ever sound wise , but the feelings into it were really intense, Tom didn't say a word on Jeff, beside a thank you when the people were calling his name out loud, but the big Hanneman flag at the end of the live show, and his guitar just placed behind Holt's spot spoke more than words in this case. I can't hide i felt touched by the whole thing, as Slayer has always been one of my more close to hearth bands, and I've been lucky to see them with all the different line ups. 

Tom, always my fave  

Gary Holt and the Hanneman flag behind him  

Concert ticket and the King's pic!

Guess this is enough for now, got ya pretty much all updated and stuff, possibly there will be more random pics ( oh yeah i know you like them ahahah ) and for sure the instagram update pretty soon.
Oh forgot to tell ya i turned 23 ahahahah there'll probably be a couple of pics of that one too :D
Cheers weirdos!  ♥ 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Hi there!
Once more I have to apologize for not being able to have this blog as up to date as i wish :) even tho makes me happy to know people still take a look at it daily. The thing is: life has gone a little crazy lately, have too many different things i have to deal with, from all different things that happen in life. Not all of them are bad news (thank god!), but for sure it's all really catchy stuff that sucking my time away,
but I've pretty much got enough stuff for a handful of new posts on here! ahahah You'll see pretty soon :D
Meanwhile I'll just leave you with giant picture of my face, I know it's exaggerate ahahahha, but i kinda took it as an ego booster some days ago when feeling a little down for few things, good pics always work on that ;) ahahah
Cheers weirdos!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Neurotic 'motherfucking' Deathfest! pt.2/2

the entire Army of Madness
Here's the second half of those pictures, on a side note I purposely avoided putting all concert pictures as those are just really shitty and i'm sure you can find better ones on internet for sure ahah i was gonna tell you more about the fest on this post, but literally i don't know where to start the description of it. The first day we had troubles with our reservation which ended up in having us sleep on a 4 stars hotel for a night, and then back to the one we actually reserved on; too bad tho cuz this cooler one we stayed for one night in, was just RIGHT THERE at the concert venue ahahah, oh well, we walked 3 km from our hotel to the place everyday.
These up here on the list were the actual bands that played at the fest, and those others are just random pictures of the vacation :D
After this post i swear i will stop bothering you with this concert stuff and go back to my usual silly girly topics, the usual drunken pictures and my commissioned photos ahahah

the actual bill
Vita's blurry metal horns 
some random sign Chelsea photographed
Me and Haemorrhage 
Love them, so much fun to see on the stage!
me and Chels right after carcass played, see the happiness!
me and my man, same thing ;) 

ahahah i love this one, all really classy girls! Francesca, Chelsea,Vita and I :D hell yeah!

oh yeah, also had a pic with part of Cryptopsy ehehehehe

some of Vita's headbanging ahahah hell yeah

post apocalyptic badass beer holder with a gothic hint due to the building in the back ahahah oh and also the guy there is awesome ♥ ahahahahah

Friday, May 10, 2013

Neurotic 'motherfucking' Deathfest! pt.½

OK, so, here we go! I've waited a little to make this post, just so i wouldn't have suffered too much to be back in real life. So, now you get my belated impression on the fest and,... IT WAS A FUCKING BLAST! Can't really find anything i didn't like about it, fun, friends, beers, fucking good music, metalheads all over the places, sweetass bands, lovely city, ... damn I kinda wanted it to last forever! I got to see motherfucking Carcass (finally!!!) and even got Jeff Walker's pic! Even seeing Death to All (basically what's left of the historical band Death) was overwhelming... I don't even know where to start to talk about this stuff... it was all just fucking awesome, it's all i gotta say. Just have fun looking at the pics, and maybe i'll be able to tell you more about it when i write next post as a second part of this one.

Francesca, Me, Davide (free hugs) and 2/4 of the band Iniquity!

Giggi drawning into a pitcher of beer ahah

the main square of Tilburg,.. lovely, specially when full of metalheads ahah

Flavio and his champion's brunch ahahah

not sure but i think this was during the Haemorrhage show

me and my friend Mario who plays guitar in both Vulvectomy and Devangelic :D right before going in!

me and 2/4 of Incantation! 

Fla smoking, Chels making weird faces and Graziella and Francesca loving their junk food ahahahah

this got me chills down my spine!!!

me and my bestie right after carcass finished playing,... pure fucking happiness i tell you!  
this has been monumental, i'll surely post more photos later, i know it can't be the same but i really hope this gets ou excited like even only 1% of how much i was. I'd love to live like this every fucking day of my life.
now time for some rest and get started with the real world tomorrow morning.
Cheers everyone!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

romics 2013 special spring edition pt.2/2

Ok so, i promised i was gonna make this second part happening and here we go! don't really have much to say about it, as i kinda explained you what this whole thing was about 2 posts ago, BUT from the mail i received i got the feeling you don't actually get how much of a nerd i am on those things ahahahahah so i decided to include a couple pics of part of my personal comics' shelf, just so you can actually get the idea that cool girls can also be geeks at times ahahahahah

Now back on the Romics expo shit, here are some random pics i picked from the billion we took over there! It was suh a nice day i wish i had more money to buy whatever the hell i wanted there! I didn't upload all the cosplay pics for you as i don't know how interested you'd be in seeing those, but i HAD and i repeat, I HAD to fucking put those two kids' cosplay just because they were fucking awesome!!!!! I loved them from the first second i saw them ahahahah motherfucking Brutal legend costumes everyone! Just a huge WIN! ahahah
i love how i fit in the picture looking just like an other character from the game, even not being dressed up ahahah    

And here you end up with some other random pics of that same day :)
on a side note NEXT WEEK IT'S NEUROTIC'S WEEK! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Ok i feel better now ahahahahahahah
oh and later today i'm gonna go see Iron Man 3 , hope it's as good as the other ones, i'll be really disapopinted if they don't fucking put some AC/DC on it or it's lacking of Black Sabbath references ahahah

oh i fucking loved my make up that day! pretty much over the top, but damn was sweet and surprisingly colored!  
Last thing: i'm planning on making an other post with drunken pics before leaving you for a week ;) just so you know, hope someone actually appreciates my effort in keeping this shit updated ahahahah
Cheers weirdos!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Midnight Hour

hello weirdos! yeah i know has been kind of a little while since i last updated this, and i still have to make the second part of that expo on comics post.. i know that, i'm just really busy, try be sympathetic! ahahah
oh well, just few updates on my life, just in case i forget things, i've been working and studying quite a lot this week, as from next week i'll be basically flying all over the places doing 5 billion different things so i had to keep up with my work first ( which i'm far behind with, no matter how much i do work on that bitch ), so these things include my sexy friend's birthday, some dinner with friends, few aperitif with tons of different people -which actually will start tomorrow- then i need to go see Lords of Slaem, and there was actually gonna be Rob Zombie himself presenting the movie, but apparently he can''t come anymore; theeeeeeeen let's seeeeee, oh yeah gotta see Vader and on an other night Dr.Gore and Necrodeath 's concerts... and then finally i go to FUCKING NEUROTIC DEATHFEST!!! Hell yeah, imma be around many good friends, see my bestie that i've been missing lately, watch some good ass bands and drink lots ahahahah classic good time. There are other things i'm planning as well, but can't really say until i get confirmation of that. OH guys! you made me really happy this month, i don't fucking know why i got so many views this time!!! Guess springs just turns everyone's sexyness up ahahaha
Well now i reaaaally need some sleep as if you don't know that, i've been going for a run in the morning in the passed two days, and tomorrow's gonna be my 3rd attempt to actually make a good timing ahahahah you really never know how much out of shape you are until you start doing something again! I'm so fucking sore you don't even know! sympathy on this one as well please ahahah
i'll catch up with this posts soon i promise ;) 'night weirdos!

in ordr there you get: first day of run - totally dead - few patches i still have to find the time to sew on that shit... is taking me forever; my own personalized hadpainted Kugashirt - oh you can bet you'll be seeing it sooner and in better quality - ; kinda of an horror themed monday morning i had; second day of run, felt like a fucking tiger ahah; my fucking boring university shit - i tell you no lies! - ; my problem with everything; and last jsu a regular day i didn't feel as shitty ;)