Sunday, April 28, 2013

romics 2013 special spring edition pt.2/2

Ok so, i promised i was gonna make this second part happening and here we go! don't really have much to say about it, as i kinda explained you what this whole thing was about 2 posts ago, BUT from the mail i received i got the feeling you don't actually get how much of a nerd i am on those things ahahahahah so i decided to include a couple pics of part of my personal comics' shelf, just so you can actually get the idea that cool girls can also be geeks at times ahahahahah

Now back on the Romics expo shit, here are some random pics i picked from the billion we took over there! It was suh a nice day i wish i had more money to buy whatever the hell i wanted there! I didn't upload all the cosplay pics for you as i don't know how interested you'd be in seeing those, but i HAD and i repeat, I HAD to fucking put those two kids' cosplay just because they were fucking awesome!!!!! I loved them from the first second i saw them ahahahah motherfucking Brutal legend costumes everyone! Just a huge WIN! ahahah
i love how i fit in the picture looking just like an other character from the game, even not being dressed up ahahah    

And here you end up with some other random pics of that same day :)
on a side note NEXT WEEK IT'S NEUROTIC'S WEEK! CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. Ok i feel better now ahahahahahahah
oh and later today i'm gonna go see Iron Man 3 , hope it's as good as the other ones, i'll be really disapopinted if they don't fucking put some AC/DC on it or it's lacking of Black Sabbath references ahahah

oh i fucking loved my make up that day! pretty much over the top, but damn was sweet and surprisingly colored!  
Last thing: i'm planning on making an other post with drunken pics before leaving you for a week ;) just so you know, hope someone actually appreciates my effort in keeping this shit updated ahahahah
Cheers weirdos!

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