Tuesday, October 30, 2012

would you be my model for a sec?!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Halloween it's getting closer, actually i'm going to have a party tonight at the Iteriora Horror Fest! yayayayay can't wait! that's also why i've been trying to make those freaking cupcakes ahahah, i actually have to say that the cupacake itself got pretty yummy, i only had a problem with the frosting on top, so i will do it again later, and also have to make those sugar-glass thingy on top :D I'll show you pics later!
I'm still deciding what to wear tonight, cu i have this "beheaded" necklace, white face cream, fake blood and white hairspray, so i thought it'd be great to play beheaded Marie Antoniette for halloween ahahah lol but the weather out there it's way too cold to wear only my corset and i still not have the costume to wear!.. tips are well accepted! :D 
well, here's a picture i took the other day to a friend of mine.She's a photographer but also a badass model if it's needed..she's soooooo damn sexy! i loved having her as a model even tho those were only some "light-try-out-shots"... enojoy! i'll update you later and... PLEASE if you have any idea for my costume feel free to tell me, i'll appreciate that!!! :D (also on make up and shit) 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Off with her head!!!

Level of awe for my new necklace: EPIC!
ahahahahah i'm loving it! i know it's a bit stupid to spend money in ridiculous stuff like this, but i tend to do this a lot, i find those useless things so delightfully vain and pointless and i just love it! ahahah 
make up was already on when the package came, but it kinda of looked god with it :D (contrary to the vest tho)
ok just wanted to quickly show you this, i'm going back to work on stuff now.
cheers everyone 

necklace is from - Von Ericson Labs

Friday, October 26, 2012

They're creepy and they're kooky...

so many things to say, so little time! i gotta be quick cuz in a bit my boyfriend is coming picking me up to go for a concert!!!!!! so i think i'll just put up a couple of pics to make it quick and fun :P 
first is one of my experiments with multiple nailpolish.. for those of you who don't know it: i'm TERRIBLE with the nail art, i mean, i physically can't stand still not moving my hands for the time necessary to the nailpolish to dry.. so even having it like this is a huge goal ahahaha

the black one is from Essence - nail art cracking

here instead there's me this morning TIRED AS FUCK, bad hair day, as happy as i can be at 6 in the morning gwhaaaa i hate waking up so early :( ... today i looked much like Wednesday Addams ahahahah as happy as the girl from the movie Orphan ahahahahah oh god, i'm sure the people at university appreciated my mood ahahahah

yup, i added an extra chain to the necklace! i think it looks sweet under a shirt collar  

gotta rush nowwwwwwwwww!!! cheers everyone!!! :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Alright everyone! so this morning i thought i'd share with you one of the most useful tips on make up i've found on blogs! and since both blogs i've seen they are in italian, i just thought i'd share it in english as well, even tho my english isn't the best one ahah at least i try!
so here it is a post on "How to compact your broken pressed powder again!" this could do for your broken bronzer, eyeshadow, blusher, etc etc... and if you're just a little like me, and really messy, this could happen a lot of times, usually when one of there break into pieces the best thing is to trow it away and buy a new one... but not anymore! :D
what you need will be:

- a brush (medium size)
- some plastic wrap
- grain alcohol
- a syringe or dropper

1. cover your broken powder with some plastic wrap (cellophane) to prevent the powder to go everywhere around your house

2. with the back of your brush start breaking the flakes of your product till it's pretty much all powder.

3. with a syringe or a dropper, pick up few drops of alcohol

4. carefully remove the plastic and drop the alcohol on the powder which will instantly blend together

5. with the brush immediately even the upper part of your product to create a flat surface

6. let the alcohol dry (be careful not to move the bronzer/eyeshadow/etc.. too much while it's drying) ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand voilĂ ! Your favourite make up product it's back as new!

hope this post could help someone as it helped me :D even if the pics aren't mine (i forgot to take them) i tried it and it really works out well!!!

now time to go to university for me...it's gonna be a looooooong day ahahah much love

ps. i just got the BEST NECKLACE EVER in my mail! right on time for halloween!!! i'll show you later ahahahah i love it  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

random pieces of life

ok, i know i'm so bad in keeping on with my blog :( but my life is just sooooo busy i really have only few minutes to do the things i like :) and here's one of them!
i didn't actually have time to do one of the posts i'm thinking of doing on here right now (some are reallllly interesting, trust me!!!) so i'm just gonna give you random snaps of my life for the moment ahah here's a picture that my boyfriend liked to take..idk he was probably feeling really artistic at the moment

probably not the most flattering image of both of us ahahah
here's probably a better one, taken on his birthday this summer :) aren't we cute?!

instead, here's me, a couple of days ago, just a second before going to work with my little kids ^^ ahahah not the best face i know :P
once at work, one of the little girls asked me if i was a "real witch?!?!?" ahahahahah i thought it was the cutest thing everrrrrrrrrrrrr ♥ 

sorry for the bad bad quality... plus there's a nun passing right behind me ahahah i was in front of the Colosseum .. i work right there :)

and here's a better picture i took time ago, of what i actually see from the school i work at :D .. i dunno if i already uploaded this on here, but it's so pretty i's worth reblogging!

Friday, October 19, 2012


i apologize ahead cuz i didn't have time at all to update this blog today, and i know i won't have time tomorrow either :S but will totally make for i tin the weekend :D waaaaaa my life's craaaaaazyyyyyyyyy! so busy i don't even have time to sleep ahahah. By the way i have SO MANY IDEAS for posts here, you don't even know, so many projects i'm about to get started with, and will totally keep you guys updated :D 
meanwhile i need to get some rest, or i'll probably die ahahah oh and here's an OLD ASS PICTURE OF ME ( i think it's 2 years old or something ).. just because i could not leave you without some awkward face staring at you ahahah ♥ 

see how much i've changed?!?!?!?! :O big eyes still big tho ahahah

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

all day makeup challenge!

does it ever happen to you to get up in the morning and know you won't be able to stop by your house for the whole day?!?!?! well this happens to me ALL the time, and yesterday was one of those super intense days! how do you manage to get to the whole day without ending up looking like a zombie?! easy, with a "all-day-make-up"! i'm talking about those makeups you know they won't smudge and will still look fab all day long.. only retouch needed is some lipstick after lunch/dinner time, other than that, no matter how tired and almost-dying you are, it'll make you look just as if you had got out your house a second before. For those of you claiming does not exist such a make up like that, here's the proof: this "batwing" makeup has been done at 9 in the morning, and here's a picture around 2p.m., 8p.m. and 2 a.m. :D it worked! gotta rush to university now! cheeeeeers!

Monday, October 15, 2012


i'm soooooooo excited for Halloween, don't really know why, but this year i'm getting so much in the horror mood that i'm actually superpumped ahah i love doing childhish things from time to time! :) makes me feel good as i wouldn't have grown up at all.. so, because of thins i think i'm actually going to...BAKE CUPCAKES! ahahahah ok, i'm not that good in the kitchen but i'm willing to take a risk and try ahahah everyone is just scared at the idea i could try and cook something, but, dunno i just feel like it!!!

this is actually the kind of cupcakes i'm gonna try and make, and of course i'll let you see how they will turn out ahahah i think those are so spooky lovely and i'm sure they're totally delicious!!!! yumyum blood and broken glass ahahah

by the way i also think i'm gonna be selling this little piece of jewelry sometime in the near future. i love it, kinda of gothikish and bold at the same time! perfect to put a little dark on an outfit. Just have to choose here and when i'm gonna be selling it :) will totally keep you guys updated anyways.

obviously better pics will come in case :) those were the only ones i had on my computer now ehehe

btw i totally found out (from my little cousin) that there is a new cartoon show called "high monsters" IT'S ADORABLE!!! ahahaha it's like about a high school where only teenagers with monster parents can go ahah and the best thing is that it is all very fashion styled! ahahah i think it's so cute, even tho i usually don't like those kinda of new cartoons that are around. here's a couple of characters i found really cool ahah

here's the steampunk one and the rockabilly chick ahaha so cute!!!!and look at those shoes! :D
alright gonna go make my bestfriend a present now. byesbyes everyone

Sunday, October 14, 2012

i like my coffee black..(when being sick)

Could not came out with anything better than lovely pictures of my true life mate (coffee) today, as i'm feeling pretty sick and should have gone to a party tonight but ended up spending all evening working on stuff and generally binging, hot tea drinking and looking on internet at all the things i wish i could buy.
As it is, for now, i'll just be happy enough with my coffee and reading some books maybe :)
goodnight everyone, hope i'll feel better tomorrow so i'll actually be able to write something that makes more sense than this...blah
-much love

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dead Girl Walking

alright so.. i think my brain in melting and coming off my ears right now, so i just try to make this quick ahah well, good concert yesterday! i went even tho i had a pretty tiring day, also went to the gym, so that at the actual concert i was just trying really hard not to fall on the ground as soon as people started moshing ahah.. well, beside that it was a good one i like seeing Master playing. Got home around 3 in the morning and woke up at 6 am so i could get to class on time. done that and stopped at my friend's tattoo's shop for a while..now finally got home and NEED SOME SLEEP..oh, and this is my face in this exact moment, with the weird "evil" make up i did this morning (how?!?! i don't even remember doing my make up! ahah). i have so many exciting news to tell ya, but totally will later
nap time  ♥ 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

almost normal looking

ahah so ok, my mom today got really excited as she looked at me and told me "you almost look normal!" ahahah like, she doesn't really appreciate my darkish clothes as much, so today i felt like wearing a white shirt (yes white!) and a pair of regular jeans ..and she got so shocked! ahah
i had to take a picture as proof i actually can wear "normal" stuff from time to time. sorry the pic looks retarded but i was heading out right in that moment, didn't have time for a better shot, i also have no idea what i'm looking at over there. God i'm being so busy i'm skipping gym! i hate it, cuz so far it's the only thing that really makes me feel pretty good..but i'm always running around and studying and don't really have time for it,it's stressing,..i'm also pretty far behind with my picture-editing stuff..waaaaaaaaaaa need either an assistant that could do my job on many things or to find a way to duplicate myself ahahah. gotta go work on a project now, and hopefully i'll have some time left for the gym :) cheers!

a really rare version of myself ahahah :)

vest - GoJane.com
jeans - miss sixty
old ass steel toe combat boots 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


just a quick update, i forgot to show you my first attempt ever made with ombre nail art ahahahah ok, didn't turn out as cool as i wanted cuz i didn't get to exactly blend all the colors together :/ but i'm really hoping that next time they'll turn into eachother more smoothly than this time. i tried with some gray/lilla/blue palette, and that' what came out ahah, if you girls are better than me in doing this (which is really easy ahaha) and want to give me tips, i'll be happy to hear them :D

somewhere over the rainbow

i know i haven't really been up here those last days, but that's just because me and my man decided to spend some more time together, and conciliate that with all the stuff i have to do, tourned out in me not posting on here as often. here's some random pictures of the theme park we went to, ahaha it was so much fun, specially cuz i haven't gone anywhere like that in ages, and even tho we were basically the only grownups that were there without babies (ahahahah people looked at us weird) we enjoyed it so much! spent the whole day there, and still haven't seen everything :D i don't think i'm going to go back there pretty soon, but once in a while feels really good to have fun like kids ahah... oh and i'm sorry, i know i look terribly AWFUL in those pics, but was totally the "trunks on water" ride's fault ahahah

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romics pt.1

ahahah ok i felt so guilty i didn't upload any picture that i just got few up :D .. i know those are really bad ones but it was crazy with all the people and really didn't have time to make better ones (also i didn't feel like postprodoucing as much ahah) i'm such a lazy ass... those should just show you some of the stuff that was there :D 

two guys i know and met over there after ages haven't seen eachother

one of the pavilions of the expo

one of the billions star wars' stand, i i'm not going wrong :) 
one of the many talented artists and genius at the expo, next to some of his works really creepy and weird, i loved them since the first second! :D 
dan dan dan daaan dadaaaaaaaan dan da daaaaaaaaaaaan
little tiny princess i would have stolen her
and brought with me forever  ♥ 

cha cha with the zombies

hi there! I know I've promised you some pictures of all the things i'm doing those days, but i'm really bad at finding time to edit them all. I've been working a lot and rushing up and down, and as soon as i'll find some time, will totally keep this blog up with my life (as if somebody would care about it ahahah). here's just one picture of me taking a cigarette pause at the Romics Cartoon Expo... so excited my boyfriend is getting better at taking pictures! yay! i might not even have to do my pics myself later on ahahh ok now i'm exaggerating  even tho the pic is against the light, at least he didn't crop parts of my body out ahah. later weirdos :D 

before anyone starts asking:
-H&M dress/tee
 -PU leather pants from a shop in Camden Town
 - VJ style shoes
 -old ass legwarmers

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

color yourself

totally will shatush myself to death next time, ahahah i totally have all i need: sculptura - n°1 black , manic panic - pillarbox red, and my dye kit :D 
as soon as my color starts to fade in again i'll get down to this stuff! yey! let's see how it turns out. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

big eyes don't lie

heyheyhey! look what i got! :D i was at romics the other day (soon to be pictures) which is the comics' exposition here in rome.. even tho there's a lot of videogaming, star wars, cosplays and nerd things in general, not only comics.. so, anyway, i HAD to take those lenses! i always wanted a pair of lens, just cuz i was soooo curious of what would i have looked like with different eye color than mine. And i totally found what i was looking for, for a really good price and super good quality, i'm almost sad i did not buy more than one! i got this Party-Green lenses by ColourVue, the type of lenses is the "big eyes" series, one of those that's supposed to enlarge your natural iris so it'll look like you have those "doll eyes" (ahah not really that i needed them with my alien giant eyes ahaha). If i have to describe them, well i've NEVER put a pair of lenses on before in my entire life, thank god my view it's pretty good (for now at least), so maybe starting with those big eyes ones if you're completely not used to it, it's a little annoying for the eye..i spent the entire night blinking like a little fawn. But after a while you just get used to it, and i'm pretty sure that people who wear lens normally won't even notice..the effect is magic tho! :D So, in the end i'm really happy with these ones, even tho it took me forever just to put them on ahah plus i found out how much fun it is to change eyes; i'd recommend them for a party night or a day, but i'm not confident for a everyday use of those big iris ones :) oh, i'm sorry the photo isn't really good but i just took it right after i put them on and really couldn't see shit, and my eyes were watering all over the places ahah