Wednesday, October 17, 2012

all day makeup challenge!

does it ever happen to you to get up in the morning and know you won't be able to stop by your house for the whole day?!?!?! well this happens to me ALL the time, and yesterday was one of those super intense days! how do you manage to get to the whole day without ending up looking like a zombie?! easy, with a "all-day-make-up"! i'm talking about those makeups you know they won't smudge and will still look fab all day long.. only retouch needed is some lipstick after lunch/dinner time, other than that, no matter how tired and almost-dying you are, it'll make you look just as if you had got out your house a second before. For those of you claiming does not exist such a make up like that, here's the proof: this "batwing" makeup has been done at 9 in the morning, and here's a picture around 2p.m., 8p.m. and 2 a.m. :D it worked! gotta rush to university now! cheeeeeers!

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