Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fast and Loose

so i got soooo many things to tell ya!.. i've been pretty active lately which is something i'm really happy for considerate that it's almost 40°C outside and i feel like melting!!!alright, first thing i.. FINALLY GOT MY DRIVING LICENSE! hahahah i know i'm pretty old and should have already taken it ages ago... but i didn't... and now i FINALLY have it!!! Next step is to take the Motorcycle driving license! but i think they have to make you wait at least 5 years :/ oh well, and i don't have a moto anyways ahah... whatever i'm just sooo happy i can actually drive now, i just need my own car and i'm on it now! yeah baby!
second thing: i've already told you it was my birthday and here's a list of the things i bought as a present for me, you know usually i don't have enough money saved to buy whatever crosses my mind, but lately i've worked a little and it felt good actually buying something for myself for once :) so here it is:


Other things are some concerts i went too, i'll upload about them as soon as i get the pictures fixed for ya ;D
meanwhile listen to some good ol' Motorhead! ahah Cheers

Saturday, June 16, 2012

foxy spike y'all!

So, i just bought a pair of these!!! that's my birthday presnt for myself, since apparently nobody (beside my boyfriend and Chelsea) thought about it! ahahah so i just thought it would be nice to make a present for myself on my own ahah ....
i'm not even sure i'll put them on that often cuz they're pretty high for walking around all day in Rome... but i just love all those spikes.
ps. i got a secret about the pair i bought... shhh...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

let's give it a shot!

Since some lady on Tumblr suggested to do some creative make up to celebrate 100 followers (some time ago eheh)  ... here i am with a super colorful make up! sooo many colors for my standards (i’m usually all about black and white, or brown) .. i’m not a make up artist or anything like that, and don’t even want to be in the future, i just like a lot to play around with it. btw too many colors for me! i don’t think i’ll wear this out ahah 
does anyone have suggestions, critics, questions? whatcchathink bout it? :D (be kind please, it's the first time i upload something like this... and probably i wouldn't even have done it if i wasn't asked for) 

Monday, June 11, 2012

start again

these last days I've been kinda sad...ate so much and mainly junk food and cakes and candies.. you know, my best friend wen back to America and i really don't think i'm gonna see her fr a while.Which after 3 years she has lived in Rome, it's a big thing...even only knowing i can't just call her and hang out...
I just keep thinking about his and all my university thing are going o be fucked up if i do not hurry to catch up with them..just don' have the strength and the will to do it right now.
My birthday was fun..maybe i drunk a little too much aeheheh, beside some of my friends that got me really upset at first, my real friends and my boyfriend made it magic :)
alright, i think i'm gonna do some work out now since don't rally feel like concentrating on studying, and i have to burn all the ridiculous amount of food I've been eating during the passed 3 days.(gained like 1.5 kilos ah-ha... yep. i eat when i'm upset)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

venting a little

Ok, i'm a little pissed off right now.
Why the fuck a person, that knows you well enough to understand whether it's the case to say something or not, tell you this kind of sentences expressively to make you mad. I don't get it. There's nothing to gain in pissing somebody off you know? Like... alright i know i'm not being the most cheerful person on this planet lately, and on top of it i'm so fucking stressed out, that i don't even know the last time i felt relaxed,.. but this doesn't give you the right to say "your voice has a suicidal tone " (!!!!!) with total nonchalance.
first of all: IT FUCKING DOESN'T! i'm just stressed and not depressed -like you keep fucking saying-godddammit. i'm not depressed or suicidal, it's the things around me that stress me out! if i was just by myself, doing what i want to, i'd be more than fine! And i'm sorry if dealing with morons and tons of work and no sleep all day just makes me a little nervous.
second: just suppose that i was having suicidal tendencies, saying stuff like that WOULD NOT FUCKING HELP! if i really was, pointing it out like that would just make me feel shit. GOOD JOB.
alright sorry for venting with you guys, but needed to take it off my chest... some people can be really rude and emotionless with words sometimes. Hope it made sense i don't really feel like re-reading this whole thing

Hope you guys have a good day XxX