Monday, June 11, 2012

start again

these last days I've been kinda sad...ate so much and mainly junk food and cakes and candies.. you know, my best friend wen back to America and i really don't think i'm gonna see her fr a while.Which after 3 years she has lived in Rome, it's a big thing...even only knowing i can't just call her and hang out...
I just keep thinking about his and all my university thing are going o be fucked up if i do not hurry to catch up with them..just don' have the strength and the will to do it right now.
My birthday was fun..maybe i drunk a little too much aeheheh, beside some of my friends that got me really upset at first, my real friends and my boyfriend made it magic :)
alright, i think i'm gonna do some work out now since don't rally feel like concentrating on studying, and i have to burn all the ridiculous amount of food I've been eating during the passed 3 days.(gained like 1.5 kilos ah-ha... yep. i eat when i'm upset)

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