Friday, February 22, 2013

exam ...of a dead body.

Waaaaaaaaaaa exams week is never really fun, bu it's paying back as much as it is for now, i just had one exam yesterday and an other is planned tobe on friday next week, so i'll be spending my time (and my whole weekend) studying my ass off, while my man is gonna be playing the rockstar game in south italy ahahahah i wish i could go as well, but yeah.. i knew i wouldn't have to possibitly to do that. This said, my Demonia shoes arrived (finally ) they're super pretty and i love them and their 3 inches platform (7,5 cm) .. the only bad part is the sizing which is totally half size less than what written, since Demonia is trying to adequate to standard sizes (removing the American half size) i guess they missed some points there. So i will need to turn those in and get a size bigger - bohooo - 

so as far as it is for now my social life is almost unexisting, and my smoking habit just got way worse than usual, which i have to keep an eye on as my financial issues aren't that great ( if i only could spend time working instead of studying! gh! ). 

drunken pic of me and my man one of the last times we went out and had fun... waa seems so long ago! gotta need to focus on stuff for just one more week, pretty sure i can survive that tho ahahahah...
oh and i've made an other wishlist of stuff i have a crush on, hope i'll be able to upload that soon enough :D
meanwhile you should have a drink for me too ;)

ps that's an other drunken one i jsut ound from new year's ahahah i tought you might appreciate that.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Birthday Deathday

ahahahaha well i really really really should be studying right now, but toay it's my bestie's birthday and i can't help but post something on this as I'm so sad i'm not in London to drunken party with her ahahah  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY BIATCH!!! 

and then gotta upload this video as EVRY fucking year ahahahah love you tons babe

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

"She Gollum" do you actually realize how fucking big are my eyes?! not even wearing lenses -_-"

Haloa people?! How's it going?! here's exams' weeks and my brain is pretty much melting through my ears but i'm managing to survive all of this AND for making it easier i just bought myself a pair of platform creepers i was willing to buy since forever!
I know, it's pretty superficial to treat yourself with a pair of new shoes, but at the same time it is something a gilr needs once in a while, specially if she's going trough a stressful moment :)
so yeah, this is about it for now, but will be back with more interesting stuff soon!

my new babes i'm waiting for 

oh, i forgot to mention you should listen to more MACABRE in your life ♥ ahahahahaha

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch your Back

HI everyone, no i'm not back from the dead, i'm actually alive (beside a little flu) my life just got crazier than usual and don't even really know where to start from in order to tell you everything... so i don't think i'll make a summery unless somebody is really interested in it ahah guess i'll jut post few pics in the next posts of these last days and let them speak for me.

The coolest one it's this experiment i've made on a photo i took time ago, it's a really long editing and actually pretty visible on the photo which came up looking kinda like some sort of fiction/comic/superhero movie character. (which i really like!!!) The best description has been made by my sister who said "it's a picture Tarantino would have taken if he was a woman" ahahahah i wish it was like that.

i love how intense the whole posing + editing came out to be, i wish somebody will take a pic of me like that someday ahahahahahah it's the damnation of every photographer i think. There is also the fact that i really rarely like pictures of me as i'm not the most photogenic person in the world... oh well i guess i'll survive anyways ahaha. Well i kinda feel like i can't ruin this post with this beauty just posting pictures of my drunken face underneath it ahahahah so i'll just make a new post with some sloppy pics and post it in few hours :) stay tuned! cheers