Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch your Back

HI everyone, no i'm not back from the dead, i'm actually alive (beside a little flu) my life just got crazier than usual and don't even really know where to start from in order to tell you everything... so i don't think i'll make a summery unless somebody is really interested in it ahah guess i'll jut post few pics in the next posts of these last days and let them speak for me.

The coolest one it's this experiment i've made on a photo i took time ago, it's a really long editing and actually pretty visible on the photo which came up looking kinda like some sort of fiction/comic/superhero movie character. (which i really like!!!) The best description has been made by my sister who said "it's a picture Tarantino would have taken if he was a woman" ahahahah i wish it was like that.

i love how intense the whole posing + editing came out to be, i wish somebody will take a pic of me like that someday ahahahahahah it's the damnation of every photographer i think. There is also the fact that i really rarely like pictures of me as i'm not the most photogenic person in the world... oh well i guess i'll survive anyways ahaha. Well i kinda feel like i can't ruin this post with this beauty just posting pictures of my drunken face underneath it ahahahah so i'll just make a new post with some sloppy pics and post it in few hours :) stay tuned! cheers

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miha.ela said...

Great picture, Marta!

Marta Mastergood said...

Thank you darling ♥

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