Saturday, January 19, 2013

Countess Bathory

Hey there weirdos! this time i'm actually about to go o bed, but kinda of felt like sharing with you a couple of things first, even tho imma do that pretty quick and concise to be honest ahah.
well first off, i wanted to thank you, i know my blog isn't followed by many people, but that's totally not what is important, doesn't matter if you're a billion or few, you are people anyways, is the single that matters. And so i felt like thanking you, even tho it is rare for ya to leave me a message, i know anyways you like reading what's going on on here, and i actually had really positive feedback and... i dunno.. warmness (do you even say that in english ahah)  from you, which kinda of made my days more positive. 
Ok, that was enough (or too much?) on the Teddy-bear side for me ahahah so i guess you should really let those words sparkle cuz it's hard to get them from me ahahah
second thing... i don't even remember ahahah well i'll jut get a rest, as tomorrow i'm gonna be all-day-shooting at some sort of dancing-theater-show,.. i don't know, not really my thing, but it's work :) .. and since i'm planning on going to London pretty soon (maybe for the Misfits' tour?!?!)  i might actually need to save money first!!! Imma leave you with a pretty bad and speed retouched photo of me when i'm on the shooting backstage ahahah my assistant took it while the model was changing clothes ahahah not the prettiest i've ever been for sure!...whatever :P


ps. somebody even noticed that the titles of my posts are 99% of the time referred to something horror - spooky - grotesque, you smarty pants! ahah yeah you're right btw, i like a lot all things referred to macabre and grotesque, specially myths legends and any sort of weird stories, even true facts at times. (much more than just horror movies huh?! :P ) .. i should say i find this kind of imagery really fascinating.

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