Monday, January 14, 2013


Hola! I know, i've gone for a while, i told you my best friend came to visit, so i spent with her every free second my busy life gave me, and it's also why i haven't posted here in a while, did you miss me?! ahahahah
well i for sure have missed her, and can't believe she's in London again, i haven't had enough! now waiting until may since we're going to the Neurotic Deathfest together and is gonna be FUN! I guess i'll just entertain you with some pics of the last week(s) and maybe next time you'll have some backstage sneak peeks of my actual projects :D
Cheers everyone. 

ps. must also say that i've been pretty bad at drinking last week so possibly those are not the most classy pictures you'll find of me ahahah

classy lady headbanging with my 2 girls 

AHAHAHAH this one is precious, drunken musical  death metal excitement 

Mastino on the drums!

...many beers later on an other night.. luv mha babe! (bad hair and face day)

hey, hi Francè! (bad hair and face day pt.2) 

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