Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013! wHellcome to the Monster Party!

I know this comes a little late but i haven't had time to make this post before ahahah sorreeeeeee!
well i guess i'm just gonna shuffle in here some pics of my New Year's Eve to get you into the mood of it ahahah
Gotta say that i don't personally like those kinda situation where you "have to have fun", you know what i mean, when you almost feel obligated to have some sort of fun and this makes pressure on you. That's also the feeling of some of my friends, and that' why we decided to spend the night at my little medieval house in the mountains (with fire place and everything needed) .. and we had so much fun! ahaha i love this kinda situations :D So, here's some pics! I was wearing my brand new Black Milk - St.Peter's Cross skirt!

There are actually MANY OTHERS that i don't quite feel like sharing right away ahahahahahah
goodnight weirdos! :D 

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