Monday, March 25, 2013

Karma is a bitch if you are... and i really hope so

Gwaaa, his hasn't been my most relaxing weekend  at all!
first of all this morning i woke up with a massive headache that has no reason to be ( beside few beers maybe.. but it's totally overstated.. ). Then yesterday i got up really early and went out for a photoshoot with an alternative beauty ( you might already have seen her on the web ) Stacy Steelbones; and from 5 .m. to this morning went to a festival, which has been kinda tiring. Not to mention the day before my sister got hit by a taxi and spent the night at the first aid station ( of course the fucking motherfucker didn't stop and check after running over a 19 years-old girl... god this makes me so angry), by the way, she's fine now, just can't walk, and won't be able to for a while.
Well i guess, this kinda sums up my week end, now gotta run to my university, hope to have a more relaxed post soon :) 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Well, i gotta say that maybe instangram is not totally useless ahahah i guess it could help me in keeping this blog updated as you know i'm pretty bad at it ahahah here i just posted for you some pics of my last weeks and i'm planning to do a post like this probably one a month or one every other month as it's an easy way to not turn into a lazy ass ( which i am) and not uploading shit for a while ahahahah.

So on the left you'll see just many pics of my egocentric me just .. i don't know, being there ahahah ( in order: new hair 24 hrs no sleep and hangover; pinuppy chilling; rings day; and weird double color make up ) while on the right you'll have just random shit that happened to take a pic of ( in order: my new Buffalo shoes that i lurv so muchhhh  -will prolly have a post bout it at some point- ; my life motto; some good ol' DIY on old black Levi's; my selfmade neckchain with cross that i'm so attached to; and my awesome pair of Lovelysally leggins, i know those are pretty expensive for real girls who are pretty much always broke like me, but it was a present i made fr myself once i passed my last exam ;) - will have a post with better pics of the design that's just amazing, soon or later ahah i'm so bad at keeping up -)

Now time for study here, and tomorrow photoshoot in an abandoned sanitarium ( pretty much like the one from American Horror Story Asylum.. creepy, scary, sick, and beautiful at the same time, can't wait!) Cheers everyone ;) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

some new (morbid) ideas

so i've been wandering lately whether to start selling online the stuff i make (aside from photography) or not, i mean, i can kinda guess people over the internet might like it but at the same time i dunno if i'll be able to keep up with it as well.

this is the MonoGarther i make, i love to wear it over some pair of leggings as it feels better on my leg ( and doesn't get all bumpy) and at the same time it kinda of has more of a badass look (sorta Lara Crofty kinda feeling) more than only sexiness which i won't feel comfortable with, but you can actually wear it as you please, as it's really versatile :)
Other things will be uploaded later as i need to take better pics of them, i actually even started an instangram account as @mastergoodmarta  which i don't really like, as i rather have good picture with a good postproduction on,... but i gotta say that it's definetely really quick and easy to use,... so just don't take it too seriously ahah

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day of Birth

Me and Welt being a retard on his birthday

Viktor and little Dharma 

so many things to update you with! too bad i don't freaking have pics for them gwaaa. i wish i had more time on my hands to just go take pics of whatever!!! So i just ended up uploading pics of my friends that recently had their birthday, just as a sort of presents ahahah dunno how interested you could be in this post, but it still pretty cool pics of weird people so i guess you might enjoy it anyways :)
Soon tho there shall be a time for photographing all the stuff i wanna show you !



Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Music of Erich Zann

"It would be useless to describe the playing of Erich Zann on that dreadful night." - H.P.Lovecraft

photo by Kyle Tompson

You know, i guess you could say i have the "writer's block"when it comes down to this blog.Yes it's true i mostly talk about silly everyday stuff, which cannot be considered any close to the actual act of 'writing' something. But at the same time it is always like this, then, once i start it all comes easy and i start blabbing about whatever crosses my mind really,.. but there is that precise moment at the beginning that makes me feel a chill down my spine, a little inner discomfort that i can't really avoid, probably some old reminiscence of some kind of kenophobia. 

a more frivolous post will come later today ;)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

i'm the wolfman

holy shit! Thank god exams' weeks are OVER at least for now! I could not stand the situation for one more day.. anyways i did good on my stuff so i feel a little better about it :) well as it is for my social life i'm just going to take it back soon hahaha  OK, his is the came out of that fashion photoshoot i did ages ago, i'm pretty much loving this picture, i think that even this is not my kind of photography i can get out with a pretty decent work, keeping somehow my point of view :)
i know i'm pretty far behind with this blogging shit, and i also know i always say that ahahah but well, with a more relaxed time now i should be able to do all the stuff i need.
oh and as a treat for myself ( who follows me on instangram already knows it) i  just bought myself a pair of leggings that are SO SWEET! ahahahah they're incredible, all skulls, blood and weird drawings and shit ahah i'll post a picture sometime soon :D  they are actually a little expensive for a pair of leggings (and i really don't have that much money to spend usually) but totally needed this treat for all the work i've been doing lately.. sooo yeah basically now i'm broke as the money i had i spent and the rest is on my "trip to London" found. ahah oh yeah whatever.
gotta go dry my hair before i get the flu again, be right back ;)