Sunday, March 3, 2013

i'm the wolfman

holy shit! Thank god exams' weeks are OVER at least for now! I could not stand the situation for one more day.. anyways i did good on my stuff so i feel a little better about it :) well as it is for my social life i'm just going to take it back soon hahaha  OK, his is the came out of that fashion photoshoot i did ages ago, i'm pretty much loving this picture, i think that even this is not my kind of photography i can get out with a pretty decent work, keeping somehow my point of view :)
i know i'm pretty far behind with this blogging shit, and i also know i always say that ahahah but well, with a more relaxed time now i should be able to do all the stuff i need.
oh and as a treat for myself ( who follows me on instangram already knows it) i  just bought myself a pair of leggings that are SO SWEET! ahahahah they're incredible, all skulls, blood and weird drawings and shit ahah i'll post a picture sometime soon :D  they are actually a little expensive for a pair of leggings (and i really don't have that much money to spend usually) but totally needed this treat for all the work i've been doing lately.. sooo yeah basically now i'm broke as the money i had i spent and the rest is on my "trip to London" found. ahah oh yeah whatever.
gotta go dry my hair before i get the flu again, be right back ;) 

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