Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Music of Erich Zann

"It would be useless to describe the playing of Erich Zann on that dreadful night." - H.P.Lovecraft

photo by Kyle Tompson

You know, i guess you could say i have the "writer's block"when it comes down to this blog.Yes it's true i mostly talk about silly everyday stuff, which cannot be considered any close to the actual act of 'writing' something. But at the same time it is always like this, then, once i start it all comes easy and i start blabbing about whatever crosses my mind really,.. but there is that precise moment at the beginning that makes me feel a chill down my spine, a little inner discomfort that i can't really avoid, probably some old reminiscence of some kind of kenophobia. 

a more frivolous post will come later today ;)

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