Friday, November 30, 2012


As many of you already know, has been a pretty complicated (and unlucky!) period for me lately, that's also why this blog hasn't been updated much lately... anyways, since i don't want you to miss me too much, i'm just gonna post some random pictures of the last period. First: i've bought some "fake bangs!" ahahah i know i sounds a little creepy and even a bit disgusting to some of you, but i've found out that this is the BEST way to have bangs but not need to care about them too much! Who's curly haired like me, knows what i'm talking about ahahaha it's just so annoying having to care about the fuzziness and everything... so here it is! my brand new hair bang! ahah well, this is the total length, i think i'll be cutting it to like half this length for the perfect "bettie bangs" :D 

yes, i know i have huge eyes.

Number 2 : has been Akuma's birthday! and even tho i was pretty sickish i made myself go anyays and.. things go crazy at the pub ahahaha not really able to remember every single thing of that night, fun tho! ahah

yeah right, retarder face ahahahah
later i'm making a post with the latest things i've bought! :D also cuz they're gonnabe the last thing i buy for a while, as money is being a bitch lately eheh
cheers everyoneeeeeee!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the Riddler

"face it"

Kinda of a sad post today, i know, it's not the usual "me", but in life there's good and bad, fears and interests, fears especially. The only fact of knowing that tomorrow for me is gonna be an awful day makes my mood horrible, my nerves break, my head hurt, and just generally feel like the most disgusting shit. Well at least if i can feel all of this it must mean that i'm alive somehow. I wish i could just sleep and wake up the day after tomorrow, but i guess this isn't gonna happen, need to be strong, i usually am but need to be stronger, and fight against myself and my fears all at once. Just like those disgusting medicines you had to take as a child, you knew it was for your own good, but at the same time you couldn't just accept how disgusting they were and tried to avoid them anyways. Right now i'm just resigned to it, and i'm gonna try and have some sleep before anxiety starts kicking in. To make up with this lame post i've uploaded this couple of pics i took of my sister and her best friend, just a totally improvised shooting i arranged in my kitchen ahah. Good night everyone, and i wish to every single one of you a better day than mine.

Friday, November 23, 2012

experimenting my life away ( a photographer post )

for a bigger view: HERE
Yes dear people, i'm still sick, but starting to feel better now, so i decided to spend some time on the computer, before i have to return to my busy life works, to experiment with one of the pictures i've taken some time ago in a photography studio and this is what turned out. I have to admit i'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but at the same time this could NEVER on earth get close to the work of the two awesome talented photographers that inspired me. Actually the entire post should be on them and on how amazing they are, and i really hope someday to get at least closer to the amazing masterpieces they create.

first one is of COLORS that only Laura Ferreira knows how to manage, her works have so much impressed me i started using many colors in this picure, even tho my usual photography isn't much colored, i rather use really soft, "dirty", not really standing out, colors usually, but this time i wanted to dare miking different and opposite tones (even tho not as much as she does).
one of her works:

 but as you can see her work, as sunning as it can be, is at the same time extremely "fashion" which is not my cup of tea. This brings me to my second inspiration, Cunene.
I just recently found her work but it totally got me, and only later i've found out she's Italian, which made me so happy as i wish to meet her at some point :D
by the way her EDITING is just superb, she makes the skin looks like porcelain or some painting of the early '700, adding it all with a little brush marks now and then.. i'm just completely in love (and i'm not even sure how she makes that possible!?!?!) 

so in the end taking those 2 inspiration and mixing up with a more "grunge-ish" and "intimate" look that is more mine, that image is what came from, i know that compared with those artists my work can result kind of "poor" but it does reflect me and my point of view, so i wish you will understand it, and hope you like it.

soon i'll be back with some more "fashion" post as today's black friday has been dedicated to some online shopping! :D eheh
byebye everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


BLAH! i got so damn sick lately it's just so unfair! that's also why i don't get on the computer as often right now, cuz i'm basically confined in bed drinking my hot herbal tea... has been 4 days since i last smoked, drunk coffee (!!!) or anything a little alcoholic, i hate feeling like this... probably also lost some weight as i wasn't able to eat without puking for a while. well, i'm pretty sure you didn't really want to hear that but ahahah ok i'm just really lame and self complaining when i feel like shit. So to make up for this sickish post i'll put up a pretty funny pic i took while actually shooting more serious stuff with my model/friend/photographer as i thought se looked so cute i NEEDED to edit this picture of her :) which actually turns me in a good mood when looking at it. Hope next post will be a little more happy going, maybe if you want i could post some dunkenass pictures from my friend birthday last week ahahah but i'm warning you: those are ugly as fuck ahaha byes everyone, hope you actually feel better than i do!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kreator + Morbid Angel + Nile = badass!

ahahah oh god i had SO MUCH FUN at the concert you have no idea, even tho i'm at home and can't move cuz my back it's completely fucked! (shit!) but anyways the only real bad thing has been: I FORGOT MY CAMERA! yes i did not bring it cuz i suck and my memory is lame and likes to trick me with those things, boooooooooooooo me!!!ahahahahahah so the only pictures i have are some cellphone ones my friends took.. i'm sorry cuz hey pretty much look awful but i'll post them anyways as are the only ones :D now gonna go a night out with my girls! cheers!

at the airport with aku (loving my new lipstick eheh)

beer and chips time

deep feelings of a sandwich ahah

aku, me and cristina at the concert!!!

fucking Morbid Angel finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Dave Vinceeeeeeeeent! (with his Toxic Vision custom vest ahah)
best picture of me ever taken ahahahahahah "the Vincent Effect"

hell yeah!
...and Kreator!!!

ps. THANKGOD Morbid Angel played only 2 songs out of their new album which i'm really NOT a big fan of! ahahah i was scared they would put more new stuff into the playset but i'm so glad they did not! the conecrt was just great!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

that's when she gets so mean

hey everybody! i'm finishing to pack my stuff and heading to Milan for the concert! i'll see you all when i come back hoping not to be too bruised ahahah love you all, keep it up \m/ 

hair is getting longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ♥ 
(you can actually see it only when i straighten it :P ) 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hordes of Chaos

i just realized how my posts' titles are almost 100% about horror stuff or zombies or similar things ahaha well i guess that's gonna be my signature thing from now on ahah
i'm feeling a little slowed down today as yesterday has been a nice night out with friends and concerts..which means i've drunk a little and today i'm not completely into it ahahah oh well whatever. Plus this shitty weather of today doesn't really help me waking up. 

this one is few days ago... dude it's getting chilly out! wearing 3 billion layers of clothes one on another.. ahah feeling so huge and can't really move easily, but still better than freezing lol

instead this one was before going out yesterday as i had few spare minutes to fill..not super elaborate make up, but a really comfortable one as it stays for all the night not smudging and stuff, perfect if willing to 
have fun without worrying too much ^^ 

BUT the only real great news i have got for you today is... 

THAAAA DHAAAAAAAA!!! ahahah this is where i'm gonna be on tuesday!!! HELL YEAH super mega badass concert in Milan! i'll leave on monday night and come back on wednesday evening, so probably i won't be able to post anything on here for few days, hope you won't miss me too much ;) eheh ... well it's definitely gonna be worth it, and i know that those of you that listen to metal would be excited as i am right now in my place :D eheh
here's an idea of what's going to happen at the concert: i'm warning you, if you don't like metal too much just leave those videos unplayed ahahahah

now gonna go do some work, as i'm leaving and can't do my stuff for few days, so i need to do that now! cheers everyone! much love 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

dancing with some zombies..

I'll have to be super quick on this post as people is waiting for me to go to the movie ahahah so i'll just update you with some random stuff for the moment, as i have so many thoughts and topics i can't really go trough each one right now ahah

those were the things i did buy for my halloween costume, which i didn't do int he end ahaah BUT i did use all of these for my other 2 costumes with different purposes! yes sometimes i can be really creative lol

instead these are some of the new stuff i just bought, thighs, skirt and shirt, they all feel so comfy e and worm!i'm so happy bout it since recently i basically emptied my entire closet and barely had anything for winter time..i bought few more things as well i'll show you some other time

well now i really gotta run, so i'm leaving you with this epic education WIN for the Addam's Family ahahahahah
Cheers everyone!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

if my life was on paper..

Hi there again! two posts in one day! wow! that's quite a lot for me ahahah just wanted to share some more stuff with you all guys and ladies! First of all i noticed i use to many smiley faces when typing, specially in english, so i've decided i'm gonna try really hard to express my ideas without using alternative graphic signs (i do not need you stupid parenthesis to smileeee! ahah). Alright so the stuff i wanted you to take a look at it's a pretty amazing comic strip that I SWEAR represents my everyday life so much it's incredible ahahah






these are awesome strips where the character is called NEMI by Lise Myhre for those of you who don't know her yet  

talkin' about me on paper.. i have to send a huge THANK YOU to AkiMao for this beautiful portrait she did of me in waterclor! i think is completely stunning, so stunning i've put it up on the blog title! i'm sure you find her as talented as i do! 

you can find the original picture just few posts down this page!

cheers everyone have a nice day!

ps. last post was my 100 post on here! i'm starting to be not a newbie anymore ahah

split personality

nope, i haven't forgotten you guys, i'm just being really busy, and yesterday instead of updating my blog i was watching the USA's elections :) and i must say i'm SO HAPPY about Obama's victory!now, i wish my country would have a president just like that.. even tho that's sadly never going to happen :( ... well don't have many pictures of the last days since my handy camera definitely died and it's not really easy to take some with my big baby ahah
By the way yesterday i got some news that made me really excited and happy and everything and i'll totally tell you as soon as who-i-know gives me the OK for it :D yeyeyeye! 
meanwhile i got some random webcam pics to keep you up with my stupid face ahahahah

supre RARE to see em with a normal NUDE make up like this one, but maybe somebody likes it ;) 

here's a more "normal" for me look ahah featuring my best natural hair curl ahah

and with those 3 i guess it should be enough for now ahahahahah 
cheers everyone! :D 

Monday, November 5, 2012

back in the future

here's a pic of almost 2 years ago with my best friend on new years... i just thought i'd take a look at old pictures so i won't miss her too much, actually i talk to her quite often it's the fact that i know we can't hang out so easily that makes me miss her :) oh well, i'm gonna go visit her soon hopefully !

sorry for the face, but i'm pretty sure i wasn't really sober ahah

so i went shopping today for the first time in ages ( i using way too many internet stores lately) and for like 1 hour i thought i wouldn't find anything for me, after a while i jsut found out exactly what i was looking for: worm, cozy, military, grunge looking items i couldn't resist!!! you'll see them here soon! :D
still have some work let to do so i'll update later! byes!


just few pics from the festival i had the time to edit and upload :) enjoy

photos from the live concerts will come up soon, i promise ;) 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hey munsters!

hey everyone, spent a good halloween between candies and monsters decorations? ahahah i did, i actually had a two days fun! in face for the 30th i was at this Horror fest i was telling you about, and being a horror festival i could NOT look cute, i needed to be scary, and with the little time i had i just put some "livid" make up on, which ended up being some sort of Spaulding's little sister look ahahah it was also too cold to dress up, or well i was a little dressed up but was wearing my leather jacket on top of it.. my boyfriend a first got scared and didn't awnt to kiss me ahahah i thought it was hilarious tho..

you see... same eyebrows problem with my older brother ahahahah

by the way, the Festival was pretty awesome, with live performances, cinematographic make ups and special effects, stands of whatever with an horror theme, expos of sculptures and photos, live concerts...beers! ahahahah it just turned out to be so much fun!!! :D
while i must admit on the 31st i was still recovering from the previous day which made my halloween go a little slow and tired, even tho i liked my "new-age-skeleton" make up.. again did not do the Marie Antoniette since my sister decided to steal the skirts i needed (she was a zombie cancan dancer).. so i just went with the skeleton one :)

at least i was a little prettier than the day before so i would not scare my man so much ahahahah
have some more pics coming up for ya :D
for now, have a good night freaks!