Friday, November 30, 2012


As many of you already know, has been a pretty complicated (and unlucky!) period for me lately, that's also why this blog hasn't been updated much lately... anyways, since i don't want you to miss me too much, i'm just gonna post some random pictures of the last period. First: i've bought some "fake bangs!" ahahah i know i sounds a little creepy and even a bit disgusting to some of you, but i've found out that this is the BEST way to have bangs but not need to care about them too much! Who's curly haired like me, knows what i'm talking about ahahaha it's just so annoying having to care about the fuzziness and everything... so here it is! my brand new hair bang! ahah well, this is the total length, i think i'll be cutting it to like half this length for the perfect "bettie bangs" :D 

yes, i know i have huge eyes.

Number 2 : has been Akuma's birthday! and even tho i was pretty sickish i made myself go anyays and.. things go crazy at the pub ahahaha not really able to remember every single thing of that night, fun tho! ahah

yeah right, retarder face ahahahah
later i'm making a post with the latest things i've bought! :D also cuz they're gonnabe the last thing i buy for a while, as money is being a bitch lately eheh
cheers everyoneeeeeee!

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