Sunday, November 25, 2012

the Riddler

"face it"

Kinda of a sad post today, i know, it's not the usual "me", but in life there's good and bad, fears and interests, fears especially. The only fact of knowing that tomorrow for me is gonna be an awful day makes my mood horrible, my nerves break, my head hurt, and just generally feel like the most disgusting shit. Well at least if i can feel all of this it must mean that i'm alive somehow. I wish i could just sleep and wake up the day after tomorrow, but i guess this isn't gonna happen, need to be strong, i usually am but need to be stronger, and fight against myself and my fears all at once. Just like those disgusting medicines you had to take as a child, you knew it was for your own good, but at the same time you couldn't just accept how disgusting they were and tried to avoid them anyways. Right now i'm just resigned to it, and i'm gonna try and have some sleep before anxiety starts kicking in. To make up with this lame post i've uploaded this couple of pics i took of my sister and her best friend, just a totally improvised shooting i arranged in my kitchen ahah. Good night everyone, and i wish to every single one of you a better day than mine.

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