Friday, November 23, 2012

experimenting my life away ( a photographer post )

for a bigger view: HERE
Yes dear people, i'm still sick, but starting to feel better now, so i decided to spend some time on the computer, before i have to return to my busy life works, to experiment with one of the pictures i've taken some time ago in a photography studio and this is what turned out. I have to admit i'm pretty happy with how this turned out, but at the same time this could NEVER on earth get close to the work of the two awesome talented photographers that inspired me. Actually the entire post should be on them and on how amazing they are, and i really hope someday to get at least closer to the amazing masterpieces they create.

first one is of COLORS that only Laura Ferreira knows how to manage, her works have so much impressed me i started using many colors in this picure, even tho my usual photography isn't much colored, i rather use really soft, "dirty", not really standing out, colors usually, but this time i wanted to dare miking different and opposite tones (even tho not as much as she does).
one of her works:

 but as you can see her work, as sunning as it can be, is at the same time extremely "fashion" which is not my cup of tea. This brings me to my second inspiration, Cunene.
I just recently found her work but it totally got me, and only later i've found out she's Italian, which made me so happy as i wish to meet her at some point :D
by the way her EDITING is just superb, she makes the skin looks like porcelain or some painting of the early '700, adding it all with a little brush marks now and then.. i'm just completely in love (and i'm not even sure how she makes that possible!?!?!) 

so in the end taking those 2 inspiration and mixing up with a more "grunge-ish" and "intimate" look that is more mine, that image is what came from, i know that compared with those artists my work can result kind of "poor" but it does reflect me and my point of view, so i wish you will understand it, and hope you like it.

soon i'll be back with some more "fashion" post as today's black friday has been dedicated to some online shopping! :D eheh
byebye everyone!

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