Wednesday, November 21, 2012


BLAH! i got so damn sick lately it's just so unfair! that's also why i don't get on the computer as often right now, cuz i'm basically confined in bed drinking my hot herbal tea... has been 4 days since i last smoked, drunk coffee (!!!) or anything a little alcoholic, i hate feeling like this... probably also lost some weight as i wasn't able to eat without puking for a while. well, i'm pretty sure you didn't really want to hear that but ahahah ok i'm just really lame and self complaining when i feel like shit. So to make up for this sickish post i'll put up a pretty funny pic i took while actually shooting more serious stuff with my model/friend/photographer as i thought se looked so cute i NEEDED to edit this picture of her :) which actually turns me in a good mood when looking at it. Hope next post will be a little more happy going, maybe if you want i could post some dunkenass pictures from my friend birthday last week ahahah but i'm warning you: those are ugly as fuck ahaha byes everyone, hope you actually feel better than i do!

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