Tuesday, May 29, 2012


ok, so today i'm totally blown out. like i stayed awake studying till 4 am and got up at noon, totally forgetting i was supposed to have driving lessons ah-ha, so i rush over there (20 minutes walk) when outside it's around 30°C (soooo hot!). Once i've done my thing i start walking home again when my best friend calls me and reminds me we had an extra lesson at uni at the same time HA HA HA. since was impossible for me to get there on time i decided i'd just walk home and have lunch... and while doing that i bought this pretty-super-fantastic semi-transparent military tank-top for only 5bucks!at least something good came out of this! ahah
see ya later weirdos :)

sorry for the bad pic!

Monday, May 28, 2012


ok...so i'm trying really hard to stay awake and study but then:

this little cappuccino-colored-muffin comes and just lays down on my computer while i'm working ahahah
i guess Bijoux just decided it's time for me to stop working and go to sleep.
She's my grandparents' kitty, we're just hosting her for few days :)
goodnight world

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

she's done!

...for now! ahahah My best friend for ever and ever just got her university degree waaaaaaaa i'm so proud of her, my little babe ahahahahahah actually my badass little babe with blue hair and tattoos kicking asses at the ceremony! she's the best,... and i'm so freaking jealous she's done when i have at least other 2 years ahead of me (possibly 3) booooooo
here's a couple of pics (totes not my best shoots... but who cares! ahah also my hair it's fucked up cuz it was pretty fucking rainy that day.. ahahah whatever)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

jump jump jump!

started today to jump the rope as a home exercise: it's great, it's easy, it's cheap, and...best of all, you can burn up to 200 calories in 15 minutes, more or less! Plus it's good for cardio, lose weight, shaping your butt, legs, arms, and abs. WOW! ahahah
i mean, you know i never have time to actually work out, and has been 4 years since i last did something similar to a sport or a gym session, plus i smoke cigarettes, which doesn't help keeping you fit.. but now.. this is just perfect! I want to lose those two extra kilos and at the same time not feel like i have a "jelly body" anymore.
Anyone wants to join? i'm startin today and would love to have a jumping buddy, just to keep an eye on eachother  ahah

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dark shadows

going to watch this movie later today with my man...hope it'll be as good and fun as i think it will.. i'll let you know though, but i mean, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are almost a certainty of success  for the movie.
Hopefully i'll be distracte nough to not think at all the work stuff i have to do .. yuck.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

lack of will power

i'm supposed to be stu-dying a shit ton of stuff today for my uni but my head hurts and don't really want to.. i'm so  bad when it comes up to focus on stuff.. and my piercing still bothering me.blha
i wanna go out and party like we used to do...good ol'times


NOOOOOOO!!! sooo sad my microdermal surface piercing is coming out! bo-hoooooo
i swear this is it last time i'm having it!, it already came out once and i did it again... but i liked it so much.

this is seriously making me sad..i loved it .guess i'll take a super hot shower and definitely take it off since right now it's like half and half in and out :/ awful...
Has been good as long as it lasted..

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Changing Again

yes, i know, i know I've been changing layouts SO often... but i have to find the perfect way to express myself on here, and this just doesn't exist yet! i'm not even totally convinced of this one, but i'm sure it will do for a while.. just until i find a new and better layout ah-ha.
here's an old ass pic just to make this post not totally meaningless ahahah
see ya later babes

Friday, May 11, 2012


i'm feeling pretty sickish today, plus there was a transportation strike which i thought were two valid reasons to stay home instead of going to uni. ahah
beside the fact that i didn't do shit today it felt good to stay home ahahah i guess it has been a rather non-productive day. Actually there's nothing really interesting going on and to blog about, beside the same old story of wanting things so bad and don't have the money to buy it.. oh well i'm sure you understand me.
I have to say i'm really enjoying my tumblr, i mean you can post whatever with minimum effort, and thn you just come up with this beautiful collage of all the weird images i like ahah awesome.
To spice things up here's a pic of me i took today, i was just so annoyed by the fact that i didn't have any recent pictures of me that i liked, so decided to take some myself:

here's a funnier one in my chaotic room

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rome Tattoo Expo

went yesterday to the Rome Tattoo Convention and... pretty cool stuff. Even though i must say last year there was a much more interesting combination of people and stuff. I want to get an other tattoo soooo bad, and i already know which one i'm planning on getting...there's actually 3 different ones i'll get some day...maybe 4...i do love tattoos but i totally can't right now. So sad.
here's a picture i exposed at last year's Convention (yes i did a tattoo expo in there) actually this panel has been bought by an alternative pub here in Rome :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

tumblring with love

tired friday evening

hi babes, so, i just started a tumblr couple days ago! how much fun is that?!..i wish more people to see it soon because i have so much cool stuff to show you, pictures from the net, from my favorite artists and much more, i'm pretty sure most of the bloggers i follow would love.. but, you know, i'm probably not enough patient and dedicated to the "blogger life" to make my voice really stand out. Well, it means there'll be more like an "exclusive club" kinda thing ahahah. God i'm so tired today, and also finished my cigarettes..this sucks.
Plus the more i want to keep an eye on what i eat (summer time is close!) the more i keep eating all kind of junk-inappropriate-not healthy food! It's incredible how my ability not to respect anything i plan always has the best on me. ahah I do love talking about superficial stuff on this blog tho... i already think too much about everything during the day/night, that just free-talking about whatever on here it's relieving.
have a wonderful night everyone.