Friday, May 4, 2012

tumblring with love

tired friday evening

hi babes, so, i just started a tumblr couple days ago! how much fun is that?!..i wish more people to see it soon because i have so much cool stuff to show you, pictures from the net, from my favorite artists and much more, i'm pretty sure most of the bloggers i follow would love.. but, you know, i'm probably not enough patient and dedicated to the "blogger life" to make my voice really stand out. Well, it means there'll be more like an "exclusive club" kinda thing ahahah. God i'm so tired today, and also finished my cigarettes..this sucks.
Plus the more i want to keep an eye on what i eat (summer time is close!) the more i keep eating all kind of junk-inappropriate-not healthy food! It's incredible how my ability not to respect anything i plan always has the best on me. ahah I do love talking about superficial stuff on this blog tho... i already think too much about everything during the day/night, that just free-talking about whatever on here it's relieving.
have a wonderful night everyone.


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