Monday, April 30, 2012

Procrastination is the Art of Keeping up with Yesterday

alright, i think it's time for you to meet my man... or maybe it's just me not willing to start working on my museum project ahah.
yeah i know he's a little older than I, but well... we really get along you know, and i love him to death.
ok, i see he's not the kinda of "pretty boy" you would expect but...i like manly men, what can i say...cannot resist to some badass metal looking big guy ahahah
this is actually a pretty old shot i did of him, and there's an other funny old one on the bottom of the page.

oh, one last thing, I know not many people comment on here, but i'm really curious to hear from you, feel free to ask me anything.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Say it in Slugs

I've always been pretty bad in keeping journal/blog/diary that's why there might be a few days gap between my last posts and the new ones. Not even counting the crazy weeks i'm going through... i really wish i had more time to spend in doing photos and spend time with my boyfriend, but my life has just gotten so busy i barely have time to sleep or take a shower. I would really love to have sometime to just breath and chill. But then i remember i'm building my own future right now and i get back to work.
Yesterday went to a pretty cool concert, there was a pretty nice crowd, which is rare around this period, especially for extreme kinda music. Southern Drinkstruction and Buffalo Grillz were pretty good as always some good rock and roll and grind stuff, even tho i saw them a billion times...Entombed was sweet. period.
well now i gotta rush cuz my man will be here in few seconds. Keep listening to good music y'all!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

rushing down

I have so many things to do and so little time!!! arghhhh!!! and on top of that instead of actually doing stuff i have to, i'm playing on photoshop with old pictures, HA! not really smart from me, right?! actually total idiot, and i'm running out of time! ( i sound like Alice's White Rabbit right now ahahah) gotta go have some food, then i'll try to work on stuff again, hoping that my attention will actually focus on what's needed. Here's what came out of this: 

Friday, April 20, 2012

millions of miles

Still haven't decided about tonight concert yet...i have the idea i'll go there and not pay to get in and froze my ass out in the cold weather...that's why i might need plenty of booze to keep me worm.    My best male friend just came over with his new nose ahahah so weird seeing a person you've known for the passed 20 years showing up with a different face than you're used to...idk just super weird, i don't know how i feel about that.
I have a question tho: where the heck did the sun go?!?!?!?! swear to god it was here a week ago, along with all that worm but not too hot weather, now's freezing again..don't like it, specially if i have to stand all night out of a pub.oh i'm sure there are  worse things to complain about.
I'm sure some shopping would help me deal with this melancholic mood i'm in, but you know, you kinda need money in order to do that..and should really stop eating all this chocolate by myself, or i'll get a fatass again.

much love

Thursday, April 19, 2012

to Taake or not to Taake?

there's this sweet norvegian black metal band playing tomorrow at my friends', i'm not a big fan of black metal (at all i would say) but they would possibly be one cool band to see a concert of.
Pros: all my friends are gonna be there, they are cool
Conts: it's 15 bucks an my boyfriend doesn't like them so i should go by myself
what to do then?

Hoest from Taake

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


sometimes i get sad...and sometimes i get tired, and usually those two things come along.
But then there are those other times where i'm too tired even for being sad so i get in a really weird hyper mood which gets really close to hysterical - my bestfriend Chelsea knows this mood pretty well and she loves how awkward it can get ahah - one peculiar thing you should know about this, is that i just let out whatever crosses my mind, very often in a weird incoherent way. No worries, I'm just figuring out in this exact moment that i do better when it comes to writing, i guess it's cuz i have to think twice... dunno if you guessed already but i won't be able to hold a normal conversation right now, and you know what, i tried to keep this no-sense post the more coherent i could ahahah ... well i really just need some sleep.Oh and i eat way too much, should stop doing that too.
Goodnight Internet

ps. the title has nothin to do with what i wrote...or maybe yes. Any guess on that?

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've never really been much interested in buying clothes, accessories and shit...actually i didn't buy anything for years i think, so maybe this is a little revenge i'm taking on myself right now.I wish i had the money to spend to buy all this awesome stuff i'm finding on the net!


Jason love

i knew there was something strange today...i got the feeling as soon as i woke up, that something wasn't gonna go straight.
you know, it hasn't been properly one of my best days, not even counting i got soaked going up and down under some persistent rain.
then some minutes ago i just looked up at the calendar and realized it: it's FRIDAY 13th Duh! i should have known it! Well all i gotta say then is Happy Birthday Jason! ..and i'm actually pretty happy this day is finally over.

Halloween - couple years ago

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

go mongo

ok, sometimes i just go mongo for few minutes ahahah ll right, just wanted to share it withcha 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Madness returnS

allright,i don't know how this hasn't happened already but... here we go. This one, it is possibly the most inspirational, visually orgasmic, mind tripping, graphically psychopathic game of all history.
I'm not a games' fanatic,well i maybe was ages ago when i was a little nerd, but has been years and years since i last played a game on the computer (yes, i don't know how to use a playstation or an xbox, i'm old-school on this, and only use computer) but..this one!
It is just insane.
It's actually the second chapter of American McGee's Alice, and it's called Alice Madness Returns. If you like, creepy darkish bloody settings, this is the game for you.
I could keep talking about it for hours trust me,but don't know what to add to not ruin you the surprise of this magical-killing gameplay...
And if you already know this game, and love it at least 1/10 of how much i do love it, should totally leave a comment on this post!
American McGee's imagination goes beyond every boudary..the creepiness of the whole game just makes it more spicy...if you didn't guess already..i just LOVE it!
 ps. the one here on the side is the adorable Cheshire Cat. 


villa Albani.. private abandoned house of the Torlonia's family
walking around Rome it is surprising the quantity of abandoned houses and villas and ruins you ge to find on your way.
i truly deeply believe there is something magic about it..i feel it every time i discover a new place like that..if those walls would talk you'd be blown out for all the stories they could tell you.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

black 'n' white

Just finished workin on some picture editing and suddenly realized that 90% of my pictures today are black and white ones, which is really weird since i rarely use it.
I don't know, i guess i'm on that particular mood in which that old subtle look really fits.
my boyfriend getting a new tattoo
tools of the trade
me and Kitty (burlesque performer) 

mosaic everyone!

ok, let's give it a try on the new "mosaic" dynamic graphic.. it looks pretty cool if it wasn't for the fact that pictures don't show unless they're uploaded directly from the computer, which means URL links ain't cool anymore ah-ha!
Btw hopefully i'm gonna be starting a new photographic project with my photo-buddy and best friend sneaky peeks for now, but all i can say is that my inspiration is going to be the AMAZING Michael Hussar! Sooooo excited about it!!!
one of M.Hussar's painting


I'm still not completely sure with how this blog looks, i think i might actually change it again pretty soon, still have to find my perfect alter ego-graphic on here. Do not worry tho i'll rise again ahah
Well i ate too much for this Easter, i'm not even able to type right now, will get back later, promise.