Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Madness returnS

allright,i don't know how this hasn't happened already but... here we go. This one, it is possibly the most inspirational, visually orgasmic, mind tripping, graphically psychopathic game of all history.
I'm not a games' fanatic,well i maybe was ages ago when i was a little nerd, but has been years and years since i last played a game on the computer (yes, i don't know how to use a playstation or an xbox, i'm old-school on this, and only use computer) but..this one!
It is just insane.
It's actually the second chapter of American McGee's Alice, and it's called Alice Madness Returns. If you like, creepy darkish bloody settings, this is the game for you.
I could keep talking about it for hours trust me,but don't know what to add to not ruin you the surprise of this magical-killing gameplay...
And if you already know this game, and love it at least 1/10 of how much i do love it, should totally leave a comment on this post!
American McGee's imagination goes beyond every boudary..the creepiness of the whole game just makes it more spicy...if you didn't guess already..i just LOVE it!
 ps. the one here on the side is the adorable Cheshire Cat. 

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