Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Evil Resolutions

ahahah ok, so i'm gonna make a flying post than go to bed as tomorrow i'll be leaving this place and i need to be totally super pumped! Well, this is because of all the options we had for celebrating New Year's eve, we couldn't decide just one, also cuz being in Rome in this particular period it's CRAZY, so we decided to do something else from everything! Gonna go to my old medieval family house in the mountains, with fire place, tons of FOOD and BOOZE and just some friends ahahahahaha i'm pretty scared of what could turn outta that! ahahah hoep is gonna be a good one for you as well  END OF THE STORY: i'll be probably back in a couple of days, if you do not hear from me after that.. well.. ahahahah 
so here's some shitty pics of the other night, while we were trying to figure out what to do: 

 ahahahahah sorry about the last one, ended the night about pretty buzzed ahahahahah
oh god, have o many things to tell ya and i don't even have time for it! just a quick update: my best friend is coming back from London in like a week I'M SO EXCITED!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaa!
this one was the most important, others will come later...
oh and i haven't decided yet what to wear tomorrow's night! cuz i bought a super cute dress.. but then realized i'll be in the mountains with chimney smoke, and drinking,.. and stuff... and really don't feel like ruining it and/or feeling cold all night.. so gotta find something else to wear!
this was it tho :D isn't it cute and all "platinum metallic"! 

well gonna get my hot tea now and go to bed! Have fun weirdos! Happy New Year Motherfuckersssssssss! ahahah


Friday, December 28, 2012

Monsters' Holiday

Hi weirdos! Did anyone miss me during those days?! Superfluous to say i've been busy, right?! ahahahah Hope everyone of you had some good time,this first part of the Holidays :) I'm personally not a big fan of Christmas but, you know, being Italian i can't really get away without going through the whole "family" lunches and dinners ahahahahah I gained almost 2 kilos these days, gotta start going to the gym again!!! I've been sick lately so ditched it for a while, also have to study a whole lot... wha my life hasn't had a rest since forever ago! ahah
 The picture up there is me all "dolled up" for Christmas' eve with my family ahahah i'm actually wearing something colored and even a little pinkish!!!! Never happened before in my entire life!!! ahahahah my parents were so happy about that ahah
happy Holidays and cheers eveone!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

to the bones

how comes that the import taxes in this country are almost as expensive as the item itself :'( bohooooo! it sucks, i gotta be more careful from now on.. by the way, i'm actually a little in a hurry, so i'll try to make this post quick but tell you all the coolest news around, all in one ahahah
Well, i've been making some sort of male model shoots lately, with really cool people, and hopefully our collaboration is gonna be a long one, as for now i did only the first one of many photoshoots to come! here's a backstage retarded picture my assistant took on the set ahah that's all i can show for now, as all the things aren't ready yet.

beside that, my new shes arrived in the mail! YAY! i know not everyone likes it, but.. i'm simply in LOVE with them, like they're SO comfortable and so easy to walk in is crazy, i got them 2 days ago and already wore it 2 times ahahah

Total love for these babies! now, gotta go take a shower, eat and go to the other side of the city in less than 2 hours... no way i'm gonna make it ahahah but at least i try! :D
cheers everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


ph, styling, make up & pp, all me :) 

Hello everybody :D i have some news for ya! yes i know, i'm still procastinating my "new stuff" post ahahah but i'm serving you pretty cool pics on the other hand, am i right or what?! ahahah
by the way i gotta tell you that Black Milk sent me the coolest e-mail after purchasing one of their skirt ahahah can't wait for it to get here! Here is a couple of pictures from the same shooting session i improvised some weeks ago, but stay tuned cuz for once i'll be posting some male photography soon :D i loved shooting that guy! :) Now i gotta go to the post office (have to say that here in Italy pot services suck pretty bad) and try to make all my packages arrive to me.  Cheers everyone, i'll update the blog some more later! :D

Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just figured out that some of the pics i took yesterday are actually showing my new leggins! So, while waiting for my "new stuff" post i can just upload those pics i've shot :D 

they're kinda similar to the Black Milk ones calle Burned velvet, but they're not made of spandex, thery're actually velveted leggins i bought for 20euros , and i'm so happy i've found them as i was kinda obsessed with the black milk ones and these costed me like 1/5 of how much i would (or could not) spend on those BM ones.. plust thery're really warm and cozy 
oh and i know the pics are not the best ones, but were the only ones where the leggins were showing :P 
This said, i wander how comes that i get SO MANY visits on this blog (which i'm surprised of actually) but really rare comments?! I'd LOVE to talk to you silent reader!!! So feel free to comment in the box below 
love you all, byes

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jeffrey Dahmer

Hi there everyone! I' know i'been pretty bad with online writing lately, but i'm getting off this sickness so i'll probably will be more active soon :) Let's spend a momento on the fact that this morning, somebody decided to wake me up after only 4 hours of sleep (ughgghhhhhhh!) so i'm pretty much in a "serial killer" kinda of mood right now, ahahah why not to write a post on this beautiful state of mind?! right?! ahahah oh well, beside me being super tired, i had (plenty) of time this morning, so i decided i'd do a couple of pics for you, thank god make up and a little photoshop helped with my under eyes' huge shadows. Also from tomorrow is gonna be a crazy week and weekend so i kind of really do need to get some sleep today..hopefully. Big things coming up! I'm gonna have a weird photoshooting with a weird guy this saturday (that's all i can say) and right after, huge concert for me! hell yeah, i think it's gonna be much fun, and i really need to be super charged up for this week end or i might die ahahaha 

This been said, i know, i promised you i'd show some of the new stuff i got, and also the ones that are on their way here, but i think i'll do an entire post only on that since there's a lot i'd like to talk about, and it's on totally an other topic :D
sooo, keep checking for a new post full of cool stuff soon!

ps. too bad i can't go see Macabre and Obituary live this week end because of my many things to do, well actually i'm only sad for not seeing Macabre playin'.. well i'll have fun anyways :)