Wednesday, December 12, 2012


ph, styling, make up & pp, all me :) 

Hello everybody :D i have some news for ya! yes i know, i'm still procastinating my "new stuff" post ahahah but i'm serving you pretty cool pics on the other hand, am i right or what?! ahahah
by the way i gotta tell you that Black Milk sent me the coolest e-mail after purchasing one of their skirt ahahah can't wait for it to get here! Here is a couple of pictures from the same shooting session i improvised some weeks ago, but stay tuned cuz for once i'll be posting some male photography soon :D i loved shooting that guy! :) Now i gotta go to the post office (have to say that here in Italy pot services suck pretty bad) and try to make all my packages arrive to me.  Cheers everyone, i'll update the blog some more later! :D

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