Sunday, December 16, 2012

to the bones

how comes that the import taxes in this country are almost as expensive as the item itself :'( bohooooo! it sucks, i gotta be more careful from now on.. by the way, i'm actually a little in a hurry, so i'll try to make this post quick but tell you all the coolest news around, all in one ahahah
Well, i've been making some sort of male model shoots lately, with really cool people, and hopefully our collaboration is gonna be a long one, as for now i did only the first one of many photoshoots to come! here's a backstage retarded picture my assistant took on the set ahah that's all i can show for now, as all the things aren't ready yet.

beside that, my new shes arrived in the mail! YAY! i know not everyone likes it, but.. i'm simply in LOVE with them, like they're SO comfortable and so easy to walk in is crazy, i got them 2 days ago and already wore it 2 times ahahah

Total love for these babies! now, gotta go take a shower, eat and go to the other side of the city in less than 2 hours... no way i'm gonna make it ahahah but at least i try! :D
cheers everyone!

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