Friday, December 28, 2012

Monsters' Holiday

Hi weirdos! Did anyone miss me during those days?! Superfluous to say i've been busy, right?! ahahahah Hope everyone of you had some good time,this first part of the Holidays :) I'm personally not a big fan of Christmas but, you know, being Italian i can't really get away without going through the whole "family" lunches and dinners ahahahahah I gained almost 2 kilos these days, gotta start going to the gym again!!! I've been sick lately so ditched it for a while, also have to study a whole lot... wha my life hasn't had a rest since forever ago! ahah
 The picture up there is me all "dolled up" for Christmas' eve with my family ahahah i'm actually wearing something colored and even a little pinkish!!!! Never happened before in my entire life!!! ahahahah my parents were so happy about that ahah
happy Holidays and cheers eveone!

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