Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Evil Resolutions

ahahah ok, so i'm gonna make a flying post than go to bed as tomorrow i'll be leaving this place and i need to be totally super pumped! Well, this is because of all the options we had for celebrating New Year's eve, we couldn't decide just one, also cuz being in Rome in this particular period it's CRAZY, so we decided to do something else from everything! Gonna go to my old medieval family house in the mountains, with fire place, tons of FOOD and BOOZE and just some friends ahahahahaha i'm pretty scared of what could turn outta that! ahahah hoep is gonna be a good one for you as well  END OF THE STORY: i'll be probably back in a couple of days, if you do not hear from me after that.. well.. ahahahah 
so here's some shitty pics of the other night, while we were trying to figure out what to do: 

 ahahahahah sorry about the last one, ended the night about pretty buzzed ahahahahah
oh god, have o many things to tell ya and i don't even have time for it! just a quick update: my best friend is coming back from London in like a week I'M SO EXCITED!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaa!
this one was the most important, others will come later...
oh and i haven't decided yet what to wear tomorrow's night! cuz i bought a super cute dress.. but then realized i'll be in the mountains with chimney smoke, and drinking,.. and stuff... and really don't feel like ruining it and/or feeling cold all night.. so gotta find something else to wear!
this was it tho :D isn't it cute and all "platinum metallic"! 

well gonna get my hot tea now and go to bed! Have fun weirdos! Happy New Year Motherfuckersssssssss! ahahah


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