Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just figured out that some of the pics i took yesterday are actually showing my new leggins! So, while waiting for my "new stuff" post i can just upload those pics i've shot :D 

they're kinda similar to the Black Milk ones calle Burned velvet, but they're not made of spandex, thery're actually velveted leggins i bought for 20euros , and i'm so happy i've found them as i was kinda obsessed with the black milk ones and these costed me like 1/5 of how much i would (or could not) spend on those BM ones.. plust thery're really warm and cozy 
oh and i know the pics are not the best ones, but were the only ones where the leggins were showing :P 
This said, i wander how comes that i get SO MANY visits on this blog (which i'm surprised of actually) but really rare comments?! I'd LOVE to talk to you silent reader!!! So feel free to comment in the box below 
love you all, byes

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