Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jeffrey Dahmer

Hi there everyone! I' know i'been pretty bad with online writing lately, but i'm getting off this sickness so i'll probably will be more active soon :) Let's spend a momento on the fact that this morning, somebody decided to wake me up after only 4 hours of sleep (ughgghhhhhhh!) so i'm pretty much in a "serial killer" kinda of mood right now, ahahah why not to write a post on this beautiful state of mind?! right?! ahahah oh well, beside me being super tired, i had (plenty) of time this morning, so i decided i'd do a couple of pics for you, thank god make up and a little photoshop helped with my under eyes' huge shadows. Also from tomorrow is gonna be a crazy week and weekend so i kind of really do need to get some sleep today..hopefully. Big things coming up! I'm gonna have a weird photoshooting with a weird guy this saturday (that's all i can say) and right after, huge concert for me! hell yeah, i think it's gonna be much fun, and i really need to be super charged up for this week end or i might die ahahaha 

This been said, i know, i promised you i'd show some of the new stuff i got, and also the ones that are on their way here, but i think i'll do an entire post only on that since there's a lot i'd like to talk about, and it's on totally an other topic :D
sooo, keep checking for a new post full of cool stuff soon!

ps. too bad i can't go see Macabre and Obituary live this week end because of my many things to do, well actually i'm only sad for not seeing Macabre playin'.. well i'll have fun anyways :) 

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Marta Mastergood said...

thank you babe ♥
i'm looking through your blog right now, and i'm liking what i'm seeing ;)

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