Friday, April 20, 2012

millions of miles

Still haven't decided about tonight concert yet...i have the idea i'll go there and not pay to get in and froze my ass out in the cold weather...that's why i might need plenty of booze to keep me worm.    My best male friend just came over with his new nose ahahah so weird seeing a person you've known for the passed 20 years showing up with a different face than you're used to...idk just super weird, i don't know how i feel about that.
I have a question tho: where the heck did the sun go?!?!?!?! swear to god it was here a week ago, along with all that worm but not too hot weather, now's freezing again..don't like it, specially if i have to stand all night out of a pub.oh i'm sure there are  worse things to complain about.
I'm sure some shopping would help me deal with this melancholic mood i'm in, but you know, you kinda need money in order to do that..and should really stop eating all this chocolate by myself, or i'll get a fatass again.

much love

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Anonymous said...

"Type in whatever crosses your mind"

Jeez! You've got nice feet. I kinda like your toes. They're pretty!

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