Wednesday, April 18, 2012


sometimes i get sad...and sometimes i get tired, and usually those two things come along.
But then there are those other times where i'm too tired even for being sad so i get in a really weird hyper mood which gets really close to hysterical - my bestfriend Chelsea knows this mood pretty well and she loves how awkward it can get ahah - one peculiar thing you should know about this, is that i just let out whatever crosses my mind, very often in a weird incoherent way. No worries, I'm just figuring out in this exact moment that i do better when it comes to writing, i guess it's cuz i have to think twice... dunno if you guessed already but i won't be able to hold a normal conversation right now, and you know what, i tried to keep this no-sense post the more coherent i could ahahah ... well i really just need some sleep.Oh and i eat way too much, should stop doing that too.
Goodnight Internet

ps. the title has nothin to do with what i wrote...or maybe yes. Any guess on that?

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