Saturday, April 28, 2012

Say it in Slugs

I've always been pretty bad in keeping journal/blog/diary that's why there might be a few days gap between my last posts and the new ones. Not even counting the crazy weeks i'm going through... i really wish i had more time to spend in doing photos and spend time with my boyfriend, but my life has just gotten so busy i barely have time to sleep or take a shower. I would really love to have sometime to just breath and chill. But then i remember i'm building my own future right now and i get back to work.
Yesterday went to a pretty cool concert, there was a pretty nice crowd, which is rare around this period, especially for extreme kinda music. Southern Drinkstruction and Buffalo Grillz were pretty good as always some good rock and roll and grind stuff, even tho i saw them a billion times...Entombed was sweet. period.
well now i gotta rush cuz my man will be here in few seconds. Keep listening to good music y'all!

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