Friday, May 11, 2012


i'm feeling pretty sickish today, plus there was a transportation strike which i thought were two valid reasons to stay home instead of going to uni. ahah
beside the fact that i didn't do shit today it felt good to stay home ahahah i guess it has been a rather non-productive day. Actually there's nothing really interesting going on and to blog about, beside the same old story of wanting things so bad and don't have the money to buy it.. oh well i'm sure you understand me.
I have to say i'm really enjoying my tumblr, i mean you can post whatever with minimum effort, and thn you just come up with this beautiful collage of all the weird images i like ahah awesome.
To spice things up here's a pic of me i took today, i was just so annoyed by the fact that i didn't have any recent pictures of me that i liked, so decided to take some myself:

here's a funnier one in my chaotic room

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