Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kreator + Morbid Angel + Nile = badass!

ahahah oh god i had SO MUCH FUN at the concert you have no idea, even tho i'm at home and can't move cuz my back it's completely fucked! (shit!) but anyways the only real bad thing has been: I FORGOT MY CAMERA! yes i did not bring it cuz i suck and my memory is lame and likes to trick me with those things, boooooooooooooo me!!!ahahahahahah so the only pictures i have are some cellphone ones my friends took.. i'm sorry cuz hey pretty much look awful but i'll post them anyways as are the only ones :D now gonna go a night out with my girls! cheers!

at the airport with aku (loving my new lipstick eheh)

beer and chips time

deep feelings of a sandwich ahah

aku, me and cristina at the concert!!!

fucking Morbid Angel finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
Dave Vinceeeeeeeeent! (with his Toxic Vision custom vest ahah)
best picture of me ever taken ahahahahahah "the Vincent Effect"

hell yeah!
...and Kreator!!!

ps. THANKGOD Morbid Angel played only 2 songs out of their new album which i'm really NOT a big fan of! ahahah i was scared they would put more new stuff into the playset but i'm so glad they did not! the conecrt was just great!!!

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