Monday, November 5, 2012

back in the future

here's a pic of almost 2 years ago with my best friend on new years... i just thought i'd take a look at old pictures so i won't miss her too much, actually i talk to her quite often it's the fact that i know we can't hang out so easily that makes me miss her :) oh well, i'm gonna go visit her soon hopefully !

sorry for the face, but i'm pretty sure i wasn't really sober ahah

so i went shopping today for the first time in ages ( i using way too many internet stores lately) and for like 1 hour i thought i wouldn't find anything for me, after a while i jsut found out exactly what i was looking for: worm, cozy, military, grunge looking items i couldn't resist!!! you'll see them here soon! :D
still have some work let to do so i'll update later! byes!

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