Thursday, November 8, 2012

split personality

nope, i haven't forgotten you guys, i'm just being really busy, and yesterday instead of updating my blog i was watching the USA's elections :) and i must say i'm SO HAPPY about Obama's victory!now, i wish my country would have a president just like that.. even tho that's sadly never going to happen :( ... well don't have many pictures of the last days since my handy camera definitely died and it's not really easy to take some with my big baby ahah
By the way yesterday i got some news that made me really excited and happy and everything and i'll totally tell you as soon as who-i-know gives me the OK for it :D yeyeyeye! 
meanwhile i got some random webcam pics to keep you up with my stupid face ahahahah

supre RARE to see em with a normal NUDE make up like this one, but maybe somebody likes it ;) 

here's a more "normal" for me look ahah featuring my best natural hair curl ahah

and with those 3 i guess it should be enough for now ahahahahah 
cheers everyone! :D 

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