Saturday, November 10, 2012

dancing with some zombies..

I'll have to be super quick on this post as people is waiting for me to go to the movie ahahah so i'll just update you with some random stuff for the moment, as i have so many thoughts and topics i can't really go trough each one right now ahah

those were the things i did buy for my halloween costume, which i didn't do int he end ahaah BUT i did use all of these for my other 2 costumes with different purposes! yes sometimes i can be really creative lol

instead these are some of the new stuff i just bought, thighs, skirt and shirt, they all feel so comfy e and worm!i'm so happy bout it since recently i basically emptied my entire closet and barely had anything for winter time..i bought few more things as well i'll show you some other time

well now i really gotta run, so i'm leaving you with this epic education WIN for the Addam's Family ahahahahah
Cheers everyone!

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