Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hordes of Chaos

i just realized how my posts' titles are almost 100% about horror stuff or zombies or similar things ahaha well i guess that's gonna be my signature thing from now on ahah
i'm feeling a little slowed down today as yesterday has been a nice night out with friends and concerts..which means i've drunk a little and today i'm not completely into it ahahah oh well whatever. Plus this shitty weather of today doesn't really help me waking up. 

this one is few days ago... dude it's getting chilly out! wearing 3 billion layers of clothes one on another.. ahah feeling so huge and can't really move easily, but still better than freezing lol

instead this one was before going out yesterday as i had few spare minutes to fill..not super elaborate make up, but a really comfortable one as it stays for all the night not smudging and stuff, perfect if willing to 
have fun without worrying too much ^^ 

BUT the only real great news i have got for you today is... 

THAAAA DHAAAAAAAA!!! ahahah this is where i'm gonna be on tuesday!!! HELL YEAH super mega badass concert in Milan! i'll leave on monday night and come back on wednesday evening, so probably i won't be able to post anything on here for few days, hope you won't miss me too much ;) eheh ... well it's definitely gonna be worth it, and i know that those of you that listen to metal would be excited as i am right now in my place :D eheh
here's an idea of what's going to happen at the concert: i'm warning you, if you don't like metal too much just leave those videos unplayed ahahahah

now gonna go do some work, as i'm leaving and can't do my stuff for few days, so i need to do that now! cheers everyone! much love 

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