Saturday, November 3, 2012

hey munsters!

hey everyone, spent a good halloween between candies and monsters decorations? ahahah i did, i actually had a two days fun! in face for the 30th i was at this Horror fest i was telling you about, and being a horror festival i could NOT look cute, i needed to be scary, and with the little time i had i just put some "livid" make up on, which ended up being some sort of Spaulding's little sister look ahahah it was also too cold to dress up, or well i was a little dressed up but was wearing my leather jacket on top of it.. my boyfriend a first got scared and didn't awnt to kiss me ahahah i thought it was hilarious tho..

you see... same eyebrows problem with my older brother ahahahah

by the way, the Festival was pretty awesome, with live performances, cinematographic make ups and special effects, stands of whatever with an horror theme, expos of sculptures and photos, live concerts...beers! ahahahah it just turned out to be so much fun!!! :D
while i must admit on the 31st i was still recovering from the previous day which made my halloween go a little slow and tired, even tho i liked my "new-age-skeleton" make up.. again did not do the Marie Antoniette since my sister decided to steal the skirts i needed (she was a zombie cancan dancer).. so i just went with the skeleton one :)

at least i was a little prettier than the day before so i would not scare my man so much ahahahah
have some more pics coming up for ya :D
for now, have a good night freaks!

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