Tuesday, October 30, 2012

would you be my model for a sec?!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Halloween it's getting closer, actually i'm going to have a party tonight at the Iteriora Horror Fest! yayayayay can't wait! that's also why i've been trying to make those freaking cupcakes ahahah, i actually have to say that the cupacake itself got pretty yummy, i only had a problem with the frosting on top, so i will do it again later, and also have to make those sugar-glass thingy on top :D I'll show you pics later!
I'm still deciding what to wear tonight, cu i have this "beheaded" necklace, white face cream, fake blood and white hairspray, so i thought it'd be great to play beheaded Marie Antoniette for halloween ahahah lol but the weather out there it's way too cold to wear only my corset and i still not have the costume to wear!.. tips are well accepted! :D 
well, here's a picture i took the other day to a friend of mine.She's a photographer but also a badass model if it's needed..she's soooooo damn sexy! i loved having her as a model even tho those were only some "light-try-out-shots"... enojoy! i'll update you later and... PLEASE if you have any idea for my costume feel free to tell me, i'll appreciate that!!! :D (also on make up and shit) 

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