Friday, February 22, 2013

exam ...of a dead body.

Waaaaaaaaaaa exams week is never really fun, bu it's paying back as much as it is for now, i just had one exam yesterday and an other is planned tobe on friday next week, so i'll be spending my time (and my whole weekend) studying my ass off, while my man is gonna be playing the rockstar game in south italy ahahahah i wish i could go as well, but yeah.. i knew i wouldn't have to possibitly to do that. This said, my Demonia shoes arrived (finally ) they're super pretty and i love them and their 3 inches platform (7,5 cm) .. the only bad part is the sizing which is totally half size less than what written, since Demonia is trying to adequate to standard sizes (removing the American half size) i guess they missed some points there. So i will need to turn those in and get a size bigger - bohooo - 

so as far as it is for now my social life is almost unexisting, and my smoking habit just got way worse than usual, which i have to keep an eye on as my financial issues aren't that great ( if i only could spend time working instead of studying! gh! ). 

drunken pic of me and my man one of the last times we went out and had fun... waa seems so long ago! gotta need to focus on stuff for just one more week, pretty sure i can survive that tho ahahahah...
oh and i've made an other wishlist of stuff i have a crush on, hope i'll be able to upload that soon enough :D
meanwhile you should have a drink for me too ;)

ps that's an other drunken one i jsut ound from new year's ahahah i tought you might appreciate that.

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